Cnc Внешний токарный станок, держатель инструмента MTJNR/L

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Company Information

Zhejiang hongtai tools co.,ltd ,was located in chengxi industrial park ,wenling ,Zhejiang.which called tools hometown.we have a very convient transport.we are major in taps ,drill ,end mill ,CNC tools and related products.our conpect is customer first ,so ,we have a best enginer and sales team ,which can provide customers best technical servies and sales servies.mainwhile ,we are pay more attention on quality ,we choess the best material in china ,and bought a best examine machine to promise our quality ,so those year ,we have no quality problems .keeping the quality is the most important concept .we won ISO cerficate ,I believe that we will give u the best quality tools and best servies


Product Description


♥ CNC TURNING HOLDER , using the unique design of the plate and clamping device, make the contact surface of blade and rod has a uniform force, let the clamping more stable and has a higher positioning accuracy.

The clamping rigidity of holderbetween arbor and blade is very high, so that the holder can increase the wear resistance of the blade.

And the holder rod material is high strength steel, which could reduce the shock-knife phenomenon during process.


products parameters




♥  What’s characteristics of internal turning tools?

  firm clamping

  high precision

♦  easy insert replacement

♦  general use

♦  suitable to use cutting fluid

suitable to apply through,coolant system




The question maybe you will interested in:


1) what’s the different between CNC tools and ordinary tools?


Re: Suit tools into CNC suit and ordinary suit, the difference between the two lies in blade species,We also can provide different kinds of blade, to meet your needs.You can use a tool rod, we'll match you up with corresponding blade, and we will always provide you with excellent quality, price preferential blade. 


2) What’s the advantage of your turning tools?


Re: Due to its without regrinding, indexable and replacement of the blade, thereby,it can reducing the tool’s grinding cost and improve the cutting efficiency


The benifits:


1.It can resist high temperature,


Improve the processing speed:in the general lathe,our processing speed will be 1.5~2times faster than ordinary cutters,and it will help you to improve your work speed.


2.Enhanced the surface gloss of the cutting pieces,and improve the product’s quality

3.the quality is more stable than ordinary cutters




1.The blade should not too long than holder , if the blade is too long ,it will weakend the holder’s rigidity,when cutting it ,it’s easy to be vibrated and influence the surface’s flash. 


2. The tool tip should be aim at the center of the component, the height of the tool will be cause the change of the turning tool’s angle to influence the cutting.


3.The shim need to smooth ,and as much as possible to reduce the number of slices ,2-3tablets is enough ,and if the shim is too much or not smooth ,it will cause the vibrate and influence the cutting.


4.When installed ,you need to tighten the holder screw,and generally ,you need to tighten the two screws.when tighting it,you need to tighten it one by one.what’s more ,you need to use the special wrench preferably without bushing,to avoid the screw damage



Packaging & Shipping




 ♥packing room


packing .jpg 



  We use CNC machine to produce goods ,it increase the produce capability  



thanks for the all of the worker in our company ,we won a lot of certificate,








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