Цифровой термостат контроллер температуры цифровой регулятор температуры микрокомпьютера EK-3030

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Product Description

Digital thermostat temperature controller digital microcomputer temperature controller EK-3030

Main Features:
* Touch temperature controller-using precising digital capacitive touch buttons,responsive without mechanical
movement,higher reliability,longer life.
* No menu keys,simple operation-user can through the"boot temperature","shutdown temperature"and other key
parameters to set directly,without entering the menu,touch control,refused to cumbersome.
* Integrated design,waterproof and dustproof,front panel proof reaches IP67.
* Colorful slim,stylish novel-can be customized according to the user's needs,a variety of color options to meet customer
* Defrost cycle,unique defrost cycle poweroff memory function.even if the device loses power unexpectedly,can still start
working properly defrost function to protect and improve the cooling efficiency of the unit.
* Full-featured-has the function of Cooling/Heating,Defrost,Fan control,Temperature sensor and Defrost
sensor(optional),can be used in majority of the refrigerate equipment control.

Temperature measuring range
Temperature controlling range
-30℃~50℃,±1℃±0.5dig; others, ±2℃±0.5dig
Power consumption
Storage temperature
Work ambient temperature
Work ambient humidity
10%~90% non condensing
Power supply
110±10%(VAC), 50/60Hz
Product size
Installation size

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