Больничный подъемник для кровати, медицинский подъемник для пациентов, может положить Растяжитель и кровать

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Product Description


 Advantageous performances 

 1.Energy saving

It uses 32bit PLC or computer control systems and AC variable frequency transformer technology, not only performance, fully functional and reliable but also with the same speed compare to standard AC voltage regulation, saving about 30% of electricity, elevator operation is very smooth and comfortable.

 2.Noble and elegant

Process using the latest technology,the best decoration material,combined with elegant color with innovative designs to create the era of instant beauty.

 3.Cozy and smooth

Designed by computer the ideal speed curve, according to the human body to adapt to the requirements to the desired state.AC motor vector control through precise adjustment to the lift runs very smooth and comfortable.

 4.Safe and reliable

The advanced PLC or 32-digit micro-computer control technology considers the trouble possibilities of the elevators under any conditions to the greatest extent. It sets various anti-fault devices and emergency facilities, the most advanced variable frequency lift door machine systems as well.






  Functions List of Elevator
♦with/without drive operation
♦ Automatic return to the base landing
♦ Automatic landing
♦ Fireman’s return switch 

♦ Call cancel when begin reverse-running
♦ Door opening / closing call indication
♦ Indication in the cage when hall calling
♦ Self-Learning of shaft data
♦ Full load non-stop operation
♦ Overload alarm, Car Operating panel display: “OL”
♦ Alarming device
♦ In-car and m/r inter talk device
♦ Light and fan auto-control
♦ Elevator Locking Device
♦ Door closing time auto delaying
♦ False-call canceling
♦ Emergency Light
♦ Driven over current protection
♦ Door opening / closing time-limited protection
♦ Rope sliding protection
♦ Door Nudging
♦ Trouble self-diagnosis and memory
♦ Over speed falling protection
♦ Top/Bottom landing overpass protection
♦ Inspection Operation
♦ Floor display
♦ Light curtain protection with mechanical safety edge
♦ Cage door opening when elevator arrives the floor where there is a hall call
























Packaging & Shipping



Company Information


Original—ORIA is a specialized and modernized elevator & escalator manufacturer and maintainer, which is a vigorous new force of China's elevator industry. It is a professional enterprise, providing a large range of products, villa elevators, stairlifts, hydraulic lifts, passenger elevators, medical elevators, escalator and the elevator key components. We can offer a variety of innovation, efficient and energy saving products designed to meet clients' individual requirements, which can highlight the customers' distinguished status. We devote ourselves to creating the perfect products.

Rapid—The speed of highspeed elevator can reach to 3.5m/s, which ensure the customer reach the floor rapidly and stably. The car automatic leveling when poweroff is one of standard safety device, and remote monitor system is one of the advanced technologies. People can go upand down more conveniently. Innovation and quality are hallmarks of our products and services. ORIA is located in and continue to grow strategically and profitably. 

International—It has an advanced hightech R&D team with advanced specialized devices, which could be capable of designing a variety of elevator and escalator products. We strictly execute the standards of ISO9001, CE, CUTR and so on, aim to build an moving scene in the international cities.

Asian—ORIA elevator elevates the dream of ORIA's staffs, elevates the China Dream. The enterprise insists on the spirits of innovation, openness and winwin, which are come from Asian manufacturers. It maintains the vitality and potential. Our goal is to be a leader of Asian elevator manufacturing industry, which can offer the best service for worldwide customers.





Our Services


1. We supplies OEM service for elevator companies.

2. All your inquires will be replied in details within 24 hours.
3. We are honored to solve any problems together with you during the biz.
4. Welcome any new ideas for the every product you want. 


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