Профессиональное медицинское ультразвуковое оборудование CE и ISO утвержденных ручной ультразвуковой доплерографии машина (MSLCU24-R)

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 Professional new product CE and ISO Approved Handheld Doppler Ultrasound machine(MSLCU24-R) 


Product Description


Specifications of 4D 3D Trolley Doppler Ultrasound Machine(MSLCU24-R)

Display size 15inch LED screen 3D 4D Trolley Doppler Ultrasound Machine
Working frequency
Scaning mode Convex array, lumen, high-frequency linear array, phased array, 3D software(Optional accessories)
Scanning deepth>250mm
Digital technologyWide-angle imaging
Gain control  8 segments TGC, B/M/D/C is independently adjustable; TGC curve can show and hide automatically
Image processing
8 γ corrections, frame correlation, point correlation, line correlation,

digita l filtering, digital edge enhancement and pseudo color processing, etc

Image gray-scale
256 levels 3D 4D Doppler Ultrasound Machine
Transducer connector:2 active transducer connector ports
Frame rate 30 frames/second 3D 4D Doppler Ultrasound Machine
Digital scanning conversion 512×512×8 bits
Memory large volume image storage 
Conventional measurements distance, perimeter, area, volume
Obstetric measurement


gestational weeks (BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HL, OFD, TTD, AC), expected date of confinement and fetus weight, etc.
Report function Report print for text&graph&image for 3D 4D Trolley Doppler Ultrasound Machine
Built-in battery capacity  can work more than 8 hours-Output interface: USB port, video.
Overall size
1140 ×690× 1070(length × width × height) (mm3)
Total weight 4.5Kg(with battery) 3D 4D Trolley Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Standard configuration of the ultrasound scanner

One host, one convex probe, 

Optional for Trolley ultrasound scanner:

Transvaginal, micro-convex probe; cardio probe ; 4D volum ;Phased Array Probe ;Biopsy; Printer.


MSLPU25-G Features

Main features for this 4D 3D Trolley Doppler Ultrasound Machines

* This 4D 3D Trolley ultrasound machine equipped with LED screen 

* Application mode: abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, superficial organ, urologist, heart and userdefined model 1-4, total ten models;


* Acoustic output: Mechanical index and thermal index real-time display;
* Gain adjusts: 8 segments TGC, B/M/D/C is independently adjustable; TGC curve can show and hide automatically;
*B/D dual-purpose: linear array: B/PWD; convex array: B/PWD;
* Pseudo color processing: 16 kinds of pseudo color encoding can optional;
* Image magnification: picture in picture zoom in and zoom part function;
* Self-motion optimize function: Built-in multiple check type, according to different inspection organs, preset best image check condition, reduce the adjusting operation keys;

* Dynamic range: 0~120dB adjustable



Product Show






Clinical Image for 3D 4D Trolley Doppler Ultrasound Machines


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