Автопилот MyFlyDream AP стабилизатор полета управления для квадрокоптера FPV аэрофотосъемки

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-      Full attitude AHRS, max angular rate is 2000deg/s.

-      Pixel based black/white OSD. High refresh rate to reduce the display latency.

-      Intergraded MFD Auto Antenna Tracker(AAT) support, can be used with MFD AAT(Auto Antenna Tracker) directly.

-      All functions and parameters can be accessed with the OSD menu system, especially users can define the waypoints with OSD visibly.

-      MAVLink protocol is supported. You can use APM Mission Planner(a 3rd open source GCS running on PC) to define waypoints or to trace the plane on the map in real time. There are also some apps running on mobile devices can be used with MFD AP.


Power Supply

7~20V (12V is recommended)

Current Consume

<200mA@12V(with GPS, without other electronics)

PWM Input Channels

6(PWM input setup) or 8(PPM input setup)

PWM Output Channels


Maximum Rolling Angular

2000 degree/s

Flight Modes

Manual, Stabilizer, Circle, Altitude, Waypoint, ReturnToHome

Max. Waypoints


Support Plane Layouts

Normal, Wing(Ailvator), V-Tail



Package Includes:

-      1 x MFD AP Unit

-      1 x GPS

-      1 x 100A Current Sensor

-      1 x Customized Shielded Cables for Camera/Video TX

-      1 x Cables for RC-RX

-      1 x Jumper and Header for Camera Connector

-      1 x USB-TTL Cable for Firmware Updated




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