Проволочный станок из нержавеющей стали

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Stainless steel wire type steel fiber machine hooked ends
wire steel fiber machine


Product Description

1. This machine can produce different types of steel fiber for concrete reinforcement construction.

2. Raw material: stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, black wire etc.

3. Steel fiber shape: hooked type, flat type, waved type etc.

4. Electro-magnetic display for automatic control.

5. The machine can produce more than 6 tons hooked type steel fiber per shift, higher production.

6. The machine adopts precise counter rotating cutters to keep high running speed. The cutter is Tungsten alloy material, longer life time.

7. The machine is very easy to operate, only need one worker.


Technical Parameters

 Product name

DP-2000 wire fiber machine

DP-900 shearing fiber machine 


 Wire diameter0.3mm-1mm 0.2-1mm



 Steel fiber shapeHooked type, flat type, wave type, etc.

hooked type, flat type, wave type, serrated, waved, dint, etc

 Raw materialstainless steel wire,Galvanized wire,iron wire etc. Galvanized steel sheet,waste steel plate,Iron plate etc. 

Product dispaly


hook steel fiber machine with high load-bearing capacity


Product details



Steel fiber uses

Steel fiber is used as concrete reinforcement of walls or roads in construction.

By changing different moulds,this kind of machine can form and cut straight type,twist type,wave   type,hook tyoe,saw tooth type,dint type,etc.The raw material is usually steel coils or waste steel   plates.

hook steel fiber machine with high load-bearing capacity



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