Высокопереработанная долговечная пластиковая опалубка из ПВХ для обработки бетона

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 High recycled life durable Concrete handling PVC Plastic Formwork


Product Description






      Efficient :faster assembling,our formwork can be pre-assembled in the factory and be combined quickly on the building site, Manual easy handling, also due to the whole system by using the connecting key, simply rotate the connecting key 90 degrees can be installed quickly removed, without the need for skilled men, as long as the ordinary of the work force can be operated. Therefore, it can improve the construction efficiency and reduce labor costs.



3. Saving  labor and material

      Due to the excellent performance of the material, under normal circumstances can reuse of 80-100 times, thereby significantly reducing the cost of single use, at the same time, has many times reuse can effectively and avoid the template repeatedly procurement and transportation to bring additional time and cost, but also accelerate the construction progress.Template using modular assembly, handle connection, reducing the overall nails,wire, wood, flute and so on auxiliary use cost, and wood processing, equipment leasing costs.



4. Flexible construction

Flexible combination. Template specifications, flexible combination, for a large area of shear wall, the whole

hoisting crane, can also be manually assembled.

Cylindrical die size. For column mode, the design of the three different types, each model to 100mm as modulus, can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of column, basic coverage column die size required, and all column form innovation design of pulling out of hole, the die pillar reinforcement than traditional template reinforcement more simple.
Convenient pouring. On the wall, in one column, pouring, can also be a separate column, wall, floor slab casting.



5. Safety and environmental protection

The use of composite,reduce the discharge of construction garbage, at the same time, the template is damaged, to repair the hole; after the abolition of the template, recycling utilization, increases the mould of the residual value, thereby reducing the environmental pollution and reduce the negative impact on the environment.


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Our Services


  We are adhere “simple is best, common is best”

*We will offer technical guide.

*We will offer project design plan according your drawing.

*We will offer assemble video.

*We will offer after-sale service.


Company Information


*Established in 1998,with more than decades of years experience on scaffolding&formwork.

*Year sales volume:3.0 billion us dollars.

*Partener:Products export to over 50 countries.




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