Рубленый коврик из нитей для фирменного стекловолокна, эпоксидная смола rtm

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           chopped strand mat for philippines fiberglass production, epoxy resin rtm

Chopped strand mat  is a non-woven reinforced material. It is manufactured by spreading continuous filament roving of 50mm in length, distributed it at random uniformly held together with powder or emulsion binder. 

Product Description

E-glass Chopped Strand Mat Characteristics

• Uniform thickness, softness and hardness good.
• Good compatibility with resin, easy completely wet-out.
• Fast and consistent wet-out speed in resins and good manufacturability.
• Good mechanical properties, easy cutting.
• Good cover mold, suitable for modeling complex shapes.
• Excellent acid corrosion

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Application & Tech. Spec  Click for MORE
                    chopped strand mat for philippines fiberglass production is suitable for application by hand lay-up, reinforce and machine FRP molding, including interior decoration of vehicles, boat hulls, complete set of sanitary equipment, anticorrosive pipes, tanks, building materials, tables, chairs, panels and all kind of composite FRP products.

 Fiberglass E-glass Chopped Strand Mat.jpg

Packaging & Shipping

                    epoxy resin rtm has  no special requirements in the case of chopped strand mat should be placed in a dry, cool damp-proof place. 

Company Information


Sichuan Sincere & Long-term Complex Material Co., Ltd. is one factory and subsidiary of Weibo New Material Group, which is one of the leading companies in the field of fiberglass products of the world. 


Our products includes:

E-Glass Chopped Strand Mat (most competive), 

Fiberglass Woven Roving, 

Fiberglass Multi-axial Stitched Fabric, 

Fiberglass Stitched Mat, 

Fiberglass Stitched Combo Mat,

E-glass Fabrics for Printed Boards. 




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