Лидер продаж прочный 5 каналов резиновый защитный аппаратор для кабели портативный лежачий полицейский

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Hot Sales Durable 5 Channels Rubber Cable Protector Portable Speed Bump   


 1. 2014 Hot selling style Dog-Bone-Connector Cable Protectors 

2. Quality products 

3. Discount price



Product Description

  durable rubber 2,3,4,5 channel cable tray,cable ramp


Buy from us Included:
-Full Factory Warranty
-More connection Accessories


-24hours Live Tech Support by Phone or E-Mail




1.Material:Aluminum alloy


2.Feature:Professional welders and engineers to ensure high quality cable protection.


3.Application:to protect cables for indoor or outdoor Playground, Entertainment, sporting events, exhibition halls, squares and so on.


Cable protector specification: 
1) 2-channel cable ramps: 
Out-shape size: 1000X250X45mm; Channel size: 35*35 mm, weight: 8KG/PC 
Loading capacity: 10T/PC, Material: Rubber 

2) 3-channel cable ramps: 
Out-shape size: 900X500X75mm; Channel size: 65*55mm, weight: 20KG/PC 
Loading capacity: 25T/PC, Material: Rubber 

3) 4-channel cable ramps: 
Out-shape size: 900X500X60mm; Channel size: 45*40mm, weight: 20KG/PC 
Loading capacity: 30T/PC, Material: Rubber 
4) 5-channel cable ramps: 
Out-shape size: 900X500X50mm; Channel size: 35*30mm, weight: 23.5KG/PC 
Loading capacity: 30T/PC, Material: Rubber 




durable-rubber-2-3-4-5-channel (1).jpg



1.Highly insulated, without any metal parts,up to 7500v.

2.Easy to assemble,transport and stock

3.High strength and tear strength

4.Striking yellow and black color,its warning color which is yellow and black is eye-catching.

5.Excellent abrasion resistance

6.Non-slip surface texture surface

7.Resistant of Oil and solvents

8.Operating temperature range:-35-70degree(

9.Perfect accessories

10.the surface with safety warning signs

11.Flexible customized LOGO

12.The special design of the bottom of the grip,No damage to the floor

13.High loading capacity for truck.forklift truck, container truck and so on

14.Ramp design, wheelchair can be easily go through

15.2channel,3channel,4channel and 5channel design for different occasions such as event,performance,workshop and so on.


Product Picture 


durable-rubber-2-3-4-5-channel.jpgdurable-rubber-2-3-4-5-channel (2).jpgdurable-rubber-2-3-4-5-channel (3).jpgdurable-rubber-2-3-4-5-channel (4).jpgdurable-rubber-2-3-4-5-channel (5).jpg


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Company Information





Our Services


We provide 24hours truss and stage hotline service.


We are a professional manufacture of aluminum truss and stage in China,which can be used widelly:

Truss Application: to hang lighting, speaker, led and so on for following occasions:


1.Celebration services: opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, housewarming celebration; opened the ribbon-cutting, the launching ceremony, the unveiling ceremony, the groundbreaking ceremony for the completion ceremony, capping ceremony, the signing ceremony, the listing ceremony, public relations etiquette truss; promotion of new products, awards ceremony truss


2. Business services: press conferences, new product launches, conferences such as for investment, order, awards, the annual meeting, customer appreciation, sightseeing exchanges truss. exhibition truss.


3.Performances service: promotional performances, thank and return banquet truss, show truss, the ethnic features performances, star invitation truss; stage design, performances facility ,stage lighting truss. cable protector,cable ramp,cable protector.


contact information

any question,pls contact us .




Website : www.sktruss.com

Trade manager :cn15178108099jkr


Whatsapp :+8618819243802

Skype:Huang ivy 





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