Дешевый Лидер продаж, эскалатор для пассажирских общественных больниц, Китай

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cheap top sale passenger public hospital China escalator  


Product Description


VVVF door operatorVVVF elevator driveIndependent runningAutomatic pass without stop
Automatically adjust door opening timereopen with hall callExpress door closingCar stop and door open
Car arrival gongCommand register cancelcurtain light protectionDesignated stop
Overload protectionAn-ti stall timer protectionStart protection controlInspection operation
Fault self-diagnosisRepeated door closingUp/down over run and final limit protectionDown over speed protection device
Upward over-speed protection deviceMicro-touch button for car call and hall carFloor and direction indicatorFloor and direction indicator inside car
Emergency car lightingInching runningFive way intercomBell
Fire emergency returnCar ventilation, light automatic shut offRemote shut off 


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Packaging & Shipping

packaging: plywood package for long sea voyage

shipping:  35-55 days after receiving the deposit



DEEOO Elevator Features


1.High Quality And Noble HonorUnder the profound influence of the GERMAN brand. DEEOO elevator adheres to the concept of manufacturing sophisticated elevator,gaining consistent high phraise from industry market and government.
2.We Produce Ecological Lifts A: Energy feedback technology
    Energy feedback tech can feed back this part of energy to electric grid.It supplies other electrical equipments.
    At present, over 90% of elevators waste this part of energy by the form of resistance heating.
B:Intellectual Computing Group-supervision System
    It greatly reduces the passengers' waiting time, saves the electric energy of the elevator back and forth.It thus cuts down the operational cost .
3.Trust Worthy Technology   A:Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine
 B:Durable,Variable frequency door machine system
 C:Stable VVVF frequency changer
4.Small Machine Room Passenger Lift DEEOO small machine room passenger elevator applies the rational construction layout. Machine room's size same as the shaft size. It effectively saves 50% of machine room area. 
5.DEEOO applies the novel style shock-aborbing devicesA shock-absorbing device that installed between the elevator car and car frame. It nicely removes any vibration in the elevator operation process and ensures that elevator will running smoothly and comfortably. 



Standard sizes (machine room)


Main Products


1passenger elevator
2machine roomless passenger elevator
3panoramic elevator
4villa lift
5hospital elevator
7moving sidewalk
8cargo elevator
9machine roomless cargo elevator
10car elevator
11dumbwaiter lift


  Main Products


Company Information


Our adavantages


1.Professional services
we provide professional advice from the quotation till elevator installation finish.
2.High quality technology
we have professional R&D team and sales team.
3.Competitive price
we have done the elevator for more than 10 years and we can give you competitive price.
4.Good after-sale services
we provide fast and professional after-sale services when elevator installation and debugging.
5.Easy installation
The basebord of the traction machine has been welded with the traction machine supporting beam before leaving the factory. That means it is easier to install our passenger elevator than other companies and costs less.






















Q1. Will we be hurt when it closed suddenly? 
A: The hall door is with infrared ray, once the infrared ray is touched, the door will automatically restart without any danger. This action makes the elevator unable to be closed and even reopened. In addition, closing force is also available here.

 Q2. Are the elevator wire ropes durable?

 A: The elevator wire rope has special provisions and requirements. Configuration is not only for wire rope and rated load, but also considered the size of the traction; as a result, the tensile strength of wire rope is greater than the weight of the lift. The safety factor is equipped with more than four wire ropes. So it won't break at the same time.

 Q3. How the elevator running?
A: Elevators are operated with a counterweight wire rope through the (tractor) traction drive, making ups and downs on the guide rail.

 Q4. Do you have any certifications?
Yes, we do with CE, KLA, CSA and UL Certificates for u.

 Q5. Is it dangerous for power failure suddenly during the elevator running?
A: If it occurs, the elevator will automatically stop due to the electrical and mechanical safety device. In case of power failure, elevator brakes will automatically take. In addition, the power supply departments such as planned outage, prior notice are also operating.

 Q6.If your engineer come to our country to fix the elevator and do some training, how much will it cost?
A: The cost mainly contains the cost of round-trip flight tickets, board and lodging as well as visa fee. Staff cost is normally 100USD/day/person. But it will depend on a large equipment or installation and debugging of the complete elevator.

 Q7.Do your company accepts customized offer, we have special need?
A: DEEOO is a company that has more than 10 years OEM experience and strong capability in researching and manufacturing elevator. We are very willing to offer you highly-efficient customized elevator as long as you have certain amount of needs.

Q8. Is it easy to install?
A: Yes, Installing an elevator can be a complicated process,but we are here to make it easy by assisting  you thoughout your project, providing technical advice and support to make sure that your installation runs smoothly.

Q9. Do your company want agent?
A: Yes, welcome experienced elevator company act as our distributors/agent to cooperate with us on long term basis. We would like to provide our distributor/agent promotion price as reward for the cooperation. if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Thanks

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