Высокомощный мотор для электрического велосипеда Mac с возможностью подъема на гору

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Product Description



Popular Hub Motors of Mac 

 - 536HR-170-CD    Cassette Version for Fat Tire

 - 536HR-170-7D     Freewheel Version for Fat Tire

 - 536HF                 Front Wheel Motor 

 - 536HR-CD           Cassette Version for Standard Tire

 - 536HR-7D           Freewheel Version for Standard Tire




Mac Motor is a High Power, High Torque, Geared Hub Motor intended for Spoked Bicycle wheels from 16” to700C. Rated Output power is typically between 500 to 1000W depending upon the motor winding selected and the operating voltage. An internal 5:1 planetary gear with clutch is implemented. New stronger Composite Gears are now standard on the 500W-1000W motors to ensure a long trouble free life. The gear reduction allows the motor to spin at a higher and more efficient rpm greatly improving the starting torque and hill climbing ability when compared with comparable Direct Drive motors, whilst also being smaller and lighter than a comparable DD motor. The clutch offers minimal drag when not under power. Unlike the majority of geared motors on the market, the Mac high power motor is built for the high power demands of the US market, not the highly restricted EU market. The slower wound versions could still be used and stay within the EU speed limit, for those requiring more hill climbing ability than the typical small power motors can offer.






Mac High Power and High Torque, Geared Hub Motor Data

Models Front (536HF)Rear (536HR-CD/7D)
    Rated Voltage24v/36v/48v24v/36v/48v
    Rated Power250w-1000w250w-1000w
    Loaded Rpm250rpm-520rpm250rpm-520rpm
    Dropout Size 100m/110m135mm/170mm
    Winding Turns6T, 8T, 10T, 12T...
    ConnectorAnderson, Bullet 
    Temperature SensorLM35, NTC 10K 
    Wire Length150mm100mm

Note: technical specifications and outline drawings can be customized according to your requirements.


As a guideline, you can expect approximately the following technical speed for the above windings:

6 turn high speed motor                              - 400rpm loaded at 36V, 520rpm loaded at 48V

8 turn standard motor                                 - 320rpm loaded at 36V, 400rpm loaded at 48V

10 turn torque motor                                  - 255rpm loaded at 36V, 320rpm loaded at 48V

12 turn low speed extra torque motor          - 200rpm loaded at 36V, 250rpm loaded at 48V





Key Features of Mac Upgraded Hub Motor 

 - New, fresh design;

 - Various axle lengths available (135mm standard, 170mm for fat tire);

 - Temperature sensor (optional);

 - Higher grade stator laminations (0.35/0.27mm), for improved efficiency and reduced heat;

 - Freewheel or Splined Cassette;

 - Improved clearance for Disc Brake Caliper (19.5/20mm).





Key Features of Mac Front Wheel Motor 

 - Cable exit from side cover, not axle;

 - Newly developed motor structure that greatly improves motor cooling;

 - Water proof, integrated connector (optional).


front motor features.png


Mac motor uses a 32 magnet, 16 pair pole motor unlike the vast majority of Geared motors on the Market which use an 8 pair pole motor. This further improves torque, but does mean that the electrical rpm or commutation frequency is higher than typical geared motors and much higher than Direct-Drive motors, so some care with controller selection is required. The available space for the disk is a little limited at 15mm between the side casing and the inner face of the disk, so some care when selecting a suitable caliper is required or some spacing of the disk away from the side cover and possibly modification of the caliper mounting may be required for some models of disk brake caliper. Mac rear motor allows both disk brake and 7 speed freewheel to be used on the standard 135mm dropout and 170mm dropout for fat tire, which many of the small power geared motors cannot achieve. Mac front hub motor is now available with disc brake and is compatible with standard 100mm fork dropout.


Outline Drawing

 Outline Drawing 







Do you want to convert your pedal bike into an E-bike?

Bicycles must follow the rules of the road like other vehicles..png



Mac Motor can supply all necessary accessories for seting up electric bike.



Typical Applications of Mac Hub Motors






Company Information

 Why choose Mac Motor? 


Our company  


Mac Motor is a manufacturer and developer of electric motor and controller systems. 

We have designed and manufactured brushless motors and control systems for a wide range of products requiring high torque and high efficiency, including: hub, chain or belt driven BLDC systems for E-Bike, E-Scooter and other LEVs, pumps, mowers, battery powered equipment, automotive, air moving, floor care and numerous other applications. We are committed to environmentally friendly, electric powered motor system solutions.

factory and workshop.png



Our Service 


We provide complete motor and control system solutions.

Our products range from 200W to 3000W rated output and are well accepted by customers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Our extensive range of test equipment enables us to ensure our newly developed products meet the design criteria and that our production passes QC standards. We understand that the motor is only one part of the system and always strive to offer a complete solution.

We are a customer focused organization with International Sales and Engineering team. We have the scale to provide high quality, high performance, cost effective and innovative products. We are a Foreign Invested Enterprise based in Pudong, Shanghai, only a short distance from Pudong International Airport, enabling easy factory visits and fast, reliable shipping.


We are flexible and are happy to discuss your specific requirements. We appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to a bright and greener future together.


equipment and workers.png



Fast Shipment to All Over the World



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