Сервомотор для швейной машины с v-образным ремнем

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Product Description

 Detail of v belt

v belt .jpg3v belt .jpg


Feature of v Belt


Wide breadth but thin belt, excellent elastic and flexible property

High transmission efficiency under the operating environment of high-speed rotation, reverse flexible, small band pulley, etc.

Core rubber with high tension and low elongation, while the consistent tension is maintained during the process of operation

Excellent heat-resistance, oil-proof, and wearing resistance

Less slip while large transmission effect during the process of operation

Less noise during the process of operation




No. Name Function Material

1 Top Fabric  Protect the lining tensile member  Polyester Cotton Canvas

2 Buffer Rubber Support and protect the adhesive 

force of the tensile member CR, EPDM

3 Tensile Member Critical material to pass the dynamic force Polyester, Nylon

4 Bottom Rubber Maintain the shape of the rubber and 

improve its side compression performance CR, EPDM

Picture of v belt






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SHIJIAZHUANG JIUTING INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD is a professional rubber manufacturer established in 2006, specializing in the research, development, production and application of power transmission belts such as Ribbed belt, Cog belt, V belt and Oil Seal. With RUBBER imported from other countries as the raw materials, all the products produced in our company are of the best quality. Our products have been widely used in automobiles, home appliance, sports equipment and industrial tool. Extensive testing and development methods ensure that our services are of excellent quality and our products in prime condition.

Since the beginning, we've followed a simple formula :

1.  Give customers the belts they want at a fair price;  

2.  Deliver those belts fast;

3. Back them with the best customer service on the planet. 

Whether it’s a product we’re selling or assistance we’re providing, we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction!



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