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special x ray baggage scanner window string curtains lead curtain

Model: MC-AJL

 lead rubber for security x-ray machine (4)


Product Description

Our company in the lead prodcuts more than ten years, and we are the 6th Year Gold Supplies of the Alibaba.

Leaded curtains is a radiation protection material.

It has stable protective performance and is a necessary protective material of x-ray machine. We supply leaded curtains with different specifications and custom-made sizes.

The product is used in the areas of x-ray protection, nuclear industry,industry x-ray detection,anti-corrosion, anti-acid, electrolysis, etc. 

We supply professional quality and competitive of x-ray Protections Such as Lead sheet and lead rubber. 

Measure lead shield:  0.35mmpb, 2mm thick, 0.5mmpb, 2.5mm thick, etc.  Max width is 100cm, Max length is 2000cm.

The customers can choose the lead sheet of different specifications according to their own needs.

window string curtains

  lead curtains (1)


Our production line and customers

lead curtains (2)



We offer other x-ray accessories: lead sheet, lead brick, lead glass, lead door, lead clothes and other x-ray accessories , etc

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other x-ray accessories

x ray baggage scanner window string curtains

About Mecan

special x ray baggage scanner window string curtains

Our Customers

 window string curtains

 x ray baggage scanner window string curtains


special x ray baggage scanner window string curtains

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Tel: (+86)-20- 8483 5259  

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