YB Тип 11kv 33kv 3 фазы компактная электростанция пс трансформаторных подстанций

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YB type 11kv 33kv 3 phase Compact Substation power substation


Product Description

YB type 11kv 33kv 3 phase Compact Substation power substation


500kva transformer substation prefabricated substati

1. Summary

  • Superior voltage is 40.5kv, subordinate voltage is 12kv or 7.2kv , Three phase / AC / 50HZ Outdoor substation.

  • YBM&YBP series prefabricated substation is the package unit including high-voltage devices, transformer, low voltage transformer and other devices. 

  • Applies to cities, towns,factories, large construction site and oilfields etc. 

  • Accept, converse and distribute electrical energy.

  • YBM&YBP have the feature of small, easy to install, low costs, high integrated automation degree and safe reliable running etc.

2. Technical Parameter

Rated voltageKV40.5
Rated currentA630  1250 1600  2000 2500
Rated frequencyHZ50
Rated Rated short-time withstand currentKA25  31.5 
Rated peak withstand currentKA63  80
Rated short-circuit breaking currentKA25  31.5
Rated short-circuit open and close current (peak)KA63  80
Rated short-circuit duration timeS4
Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
Breaking timeMSless than 80
Rated short-circuit breaking current (breaking times)TIMES20
Mechanical lifeTIMES10000
Rated operating voltageVDC110/AC110, DC220/AC220







Company Information


XG Certificate

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1. Company nature: Factory over 25 years, 320000m2 workshop

2. Payment term: T/T, L/C, L/C, Western Union, Paypal or available

3. Quality warranty: 12-24 months after shipment date.

4. Type test: STD Lab testing or national testing report.

5. Overseas Installment: Our team & technicist can go abroad to do it as per request.


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