AC DC T10 194 #555 Клин пинбол 6,3 V светодиодные лампочки не ghosting матовая Защитная крышка объектива Белый пинбол машины запчасти

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Product Description


LED lighting is the latest "to do" thing in pinball machines. L.E.D. standing for (Light Emitting Diode) is all the rage. Not only do these consume very minimal power, but they are much brighter than the conventional bulbs that have been used since the beginning of pinball lighting. Using these pinball LEDs under the playfield shining up through the plastics, give a whole new look to any pinball machine. Make that old machine come to life with these super-bright LEDs. Doesn't matter the brand of pinball machine, Bally, Williams, Stern, Sega, Data East, Chicago Coin, are all able to use these different various pinball LED's. Just match up your bulb number with our current LED lighting selection, and get the right ones for your pinball machine. These are the last lamps you will ever replace. A great idea is to replace those hard to get at bulbs, or any bulbs that keep burning out. Never have to replace them ever again!
This LED is AC/DC, meaning it can be used in both controlled (inserts) and uncontrolled (GI lighting) sockets. Don't be fooled by the low cost of these LEDs, they are the latest, greatest, brightest ADT Pinball LED bulbs on the market, we guarantee it or your money back!


T10 194 #555 Wedge Base; 906, Ba9s #44 #47 Bayonet Base Bulb,T15 921 #906 lager Wedge Base;1156 Ba15s #89 lager Bayonet Base.


What is the difference between ghosting and flash?
Before we get to our LED comparison let's talk a little bit about the problem.  Ghosting is used to describe the behavior of an LED glowing dimly when it should be off.  This will occur on a controlled lamp when another lamp or LED in the same matrix row or column is turned on.
The cause is a combination of timing in the lamp matrix driver software and an issue with the WPC ASIC.  The ghosting problem appears to be limited to Williams/Bally WPC era games, including some Data East games since they use essentially the same hardware. 
In 1995 the Williams software designers modified the lamp matrix device driver to work around the WPC ASIC issue.  In most cases this appears to have solved the problem in later games.
Although commonly used interchangeably, flickering is different than ghosting.  Flickering, or pulsing of the LED, occurs because controlled lamp circuits are pulsed and the LED's turn on and off faster than incandescent bulbs.  Most people will never notice the flicker, although some people are especially sensitive to this effect.
Flicker is mostnoticeable in GI circuits since they are AC.  It is also more prominent in games like Addams Family that use a lot of GI dimming effects.  LED's require a different type of circuit for dimming and will not dim properly unless the game was designed for LED's.
In other words, ghosting is when the LED glows 
dimly but it should be off, and flickering is when a very fast pulsing is noticeable when the LED is on.
The ghosting issue can be solved with anti-ghosting LED's or by updating the WPC Game Rom. Since most pinball owners are probably not eager to patch their ROM's we have evaluated the four currently available LED solutions.


Brand new and high quality.
Low power consumption and ultra long life
Easy to install, simply to replace, convenient using
Replacement for conventional halogen light bulb, these LED/SMD lights are brighter than stock bulbs
For replacement of Indicator Lights,Reading Lights,license plate lights,Door Lights,side marker light,tail light, backup lights

Bulb Model: T10 194 #555 Wedge Base
Voltage: AC/DC 6.3V
Watts: 0.1W
Light color: cool white/warm white/white/yellow/orange/red/blue/green/amber/pink/purple


AC DC T10 194 #555 Wedge pinball 6.3V led lights bulbs non ghosting frosted lens cap White for pinball machine parts.jpg

ADT-194-P-1A XA1.jpgADT-194-P-1B XA1.jpgADT-194-P-1CW XA1.jpg



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Packaging & Shipping


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Company Information

 (L-5)-2 (3)led car door handle lights LED number license plate light RGB halo rings




Q: Can I use our brand?

 A: Customized design is available. OEM&ODM are welcomed.. Please inquire us!


  Q: What is the payment terms?

  A:  T/T, Western union, Paypal, Money Gram, Ali Excrow, the best safe way for your choice.


  Q: What is the warranty?

  A:  We make sure a longer 18 months warranty. We can replace a brand-new one in your new order.


  Q: What is the delivery time and shipping terms?

  A:  3-5 working days.We are senior member of DHL,UPS,FEDEX and TNT. We have a discounted price for shipping cost.


  Q: Can you do drop shipping?
  A: Yes, we can help you ship the goods to any address you want. We will not put any catalogue or any document with our company info in it if you requested.
  Q: How long for the production time?
  A: Normally it will take about 2-7days for manufacturing led headlight.
  Q: Do I need to send the defective products back to you for warranty?
  A: No, you don't need to send it back for warranty. Please contact us and we will email you a  brochure, guiding you how to ask for warranty for the defective products.


  Q: Why buy from us?

  A:  ADT is one of the largest LED lighting supplier in China . ADT covers nearly full model in market people are selling now.  Much more competitive price because we are the manufacturer.



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