Алюминиевые титановые борные палочки/блок/катушечная проволока/слитки AlTiB AlTi5B1

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Product Description

 Aluminum Titanium Boron

AlTi5B1 Grain Refiner  









Aluminum Titanium Boron Sticks 



Using Method:


1.Baking before using,

2.Operation temperature 680-720 ℃

3.Joint quantity: Self controlled by calculationand test according to actual condition.

4.Joint method: After digging up the dcum.pllunge the additives sightly to the Al liquid and mix evenly.Keep immersing for 5-10 minutes.


When casting,join in chute,refining in the same time.

For 6063 profile,just add 0.5-0.8Kg/Ton.

Aluminum,Aluminum alloy,foil join 1.5-2.0Kg/Ton,

Most Refiner in returns of melting charge keep active in re-melting,according to experience to make sure the adding quantity.




AlTi5B1 coil wire 

9.5mm Dia. wire coil,180-220Kg/Coil,3Coil/pallet,

The Coil dimension: Inside diameter 360+/-20mm,outside diameter less than 700mm,Height 280+/-20mm.


Also we can supply quality Aluminum Titannium Boron Stick,Aluminum Titanium Boron waffle ingot.500g small ingot,


if you no exactly on what you need,pls send us a quick Buying Request.


Contact Details:


my whatsapp: +86 13503537640 







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