Поставщик электронных перепелов, звонки, перепелок, аудиоустройства, Электронная утка, звонок с очень четкими звуками

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Supplier Electronic Quail Calls Quail Audio Devices Electronic Duck Call With Very Clear Sounds 

 Product Features

1.Product offered by manufacturer directly;
2.waterproof and desert machine;
3.2*60W stereo speaker output;
4.Support 6 kinds of language display play info;
5.7groups timer can set any song played at any date and anytime;
6.Loud voice can be heard at 2 km distance in open air;
7.Remote control optional;
8.340songs included in the player;

9.support USB download user sown voice file;
10.Songs name can be display by brightness LCD screen;
11.Power on repeat play;
12.Powered by 12V battery(notincluded);

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