Фирменная коробка какао массой 20 кг

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Product Description


Cocoa mass under high pressure can squeeze into cocoa butter and cocoa cake. Press into cocoa butter is filtered to remove the remains of fine cocoa nibs. If the customer requirements, can impose in additio to cocoa butter to taste method assurance pure flavor of cocoa butter, cocoa butter is usually used as chocolate ingredients. Because of its heat will melt the recepter, so the cocoa butter are also cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (eg : cream, lipstick, etc. ) in place. 

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Cocoa mass is the base of all cocoa products. Through cleaning, selecting, roasting, shelling and alkalizing(or not), cocoa beans are ground into cocoa mass, and then follow the special formula, mixing different varieties of cocoa beans. Infrared heating to facilitate shelled. After the peel, dried nibs, roasted, and finally ground into cocoa concentrate. After baking or roasting, the nibs usually treated with alkali, alkali treatment main goal is to improve cocoa color, from pale brown to dark brown, from yellowish brown to reddish brown, or become therebetween any color. Alkali treatment also change the taste of cocoa, had gone sour flavor, cocoa flavor both moist and full, and very fragrant.
Common Knowledge



Cocoa cultivation need to select the temperature and the dry season and rainy areas may not exceed three months. Only the southern region between the Tropic of Cancer can meet this requirement. In the five years after planting cocoa trees only bear cocoa beans. We work together, in close cooperation with farmers and cooperatives, to ensure optimum output quality while ensuring cocoa.


Cocoa trees flower stems, flower direct longer than the trunk. Natural pollination rate of less than 10%, less natural seed rate.Cocoa pods mature subject 4-6 months, and every single pod containing 30-40 seeds, seed four weeks package has sweet and sour taste mucus. Mature pod color change occurs, the need for manual picking.

3.Open Cocoa Pods

Store up to 2-5 days after harvesting of cocoa beans, cocoa beans are not suitable fermentation time is too long. Carefully open cocoa pods required a blunt object. Be careful not to hurt when you open cocoa pods inside.

4. Fermentation

Open cocoa pods, cocoa beans and require manual removal of flesh, and began to ferment. In the conventional method, it is necessary to cocoa piled up and covered with banana leaves on the surface, for fermentation. Because of accumulation of mutual cocoa beans, then it can be fermentation fruit. In this process, the cocoa beans embryo will be destroyed and release unique flavor. Fermentation process usually takes 5-7 days. Fermentation is a key step in the decision cocoa flavor.By optimizing the fermentation process, the fermentation time has been shortened, while ensuring homogeneous quality cocoa beans and more pure cocoa flavor.


5. Air-dry

Natural drying process can be optimized cocoa flavor. Air drying process from simple mats sun dry processes, to the modern greenhouse heating, are different. Air-dry ideal environment should be configured transparent roof, so even on a cloudy day cocoa beans can be well dried.

6.Quality Monitoring

In the collection centers, collecting cocoa farmers through rating and cutting tests to ensure quality, after weighting, packing(sacks) send to the warehouse.


After checked the origin and checked the quality of our cocoa beans will be cleaned to remove impurities and shelling.


Clean cocoa beans will be appropriate depending on the precise baking characteristics of demand for each product. Baking can effectively reduce the yeast and mold, and influence the formation of fermentation and drying process of flavor. To ensure the best flavor, we have been constantly exploring the perfect balance between temperature and baking time, in order to ensure the purity of raw material.

9.Cocoa Grinding broken

Cocoa broken refers to the diameter of 12-15 micron grind cocoa products, to ensure that the size of the rich taste. Grinding is usually divided into three steps, in order to ensure the best quality of cocoa paste. Cocoa paste, also known as cocoa mass or cocoa paste.Before the mass production of chocolate mass need to go through the identification team of exports.

10.Cocoa paste press

By pressing, we separated cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Cocoa solids left in the oil content will vary depending on the application requirements and different, which will later become the production of powdered cocoa-based raw materials.

11.Raw materials are mixed

Once the cocoa mass by trained professional taster flied approved, it can officially start the production process of chocolate.
First of all raw materials required to join in stirrer:cocoa mass and suger (milk chocolate with milk needed). In a blender all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed to achieve the desired fit and refined texture. 


To ensure the quality of cocoa beans,we need to go through a two-step grinding. First binoculars ground and then into four cylindrical grinding. Fine abrasive particles, bringing the entrance of the lingering taste and rich flavor.


After conching, depending on the recipe, chocolate may need to conching. It is the chocolate for further mixing and heating. This process can reduce the moisture content of cocoa and acidity.After several hours, can be obtained by adding cocoa butter to liquid required concentration.

14.Charging box

After tempering, the chocolate is poured into molds required in order to obtain the most suitable shape.
15.Quality control in production process
In all production process, cocoa particle size,fat content and liquid flow will undergo rigorous testing to ensure the best product.
The finished products will high-quality packaging bags to ensure optimum flavor locked products.Each product has a unique and creative recipes are specific flavor.

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