Лучшая версия, аппарат для ионизации щелочной воды, промышленная машина для ионизации щелочной воды

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Top Version alkaline water machine industrial Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine


Product Parameters


Alkaline water ionizer

PH value


Standard Voltage

AC110V -240V  50/60Hz

Electrode Materials:

5 platinum dipped titanium plates

ORP Value(Mv:)


Electrolysis Ability:

4 levels of alkaline water, 2 levels of acidic water, 1 level neutral water

Ionized Water Output:

1.0L-5.1L/min(Alkaline+Acidic water)

Applicable Water inflow Pressure:


Pre-Filter & Life:

PP cotton:3000L(794Gal);Activeted Carbon: 4000L (1058 G);UltraFilter: 12000 L (3174 G);KDF filter:6000L(1600G);

Cation Resin: 6000L;Far-infrared Energy Filter; Bio-Filter;4 of the above filters available

Full Collor LCD Screen:

Displays pH levels, Water flow rate, Filter lifer, Error Code

Dimension and Gross weight:

195*125*290mm,10kg including pre-filter system.


Product Show


H619 1.JPG

H619 2.JPG



Advanced Features


1) Durable construction
2)Easy filter replacement.
3)Self diagnostic system
4)Auto sleep function
5)Alarm signal in case of low water pressure.
6)Exact calculation of filter life with a water flow.
7)Extended range of pH selection and digital control.
8)Auto shuttle off in case of over-heat/current/voltage.
9)Automatic Indicator Alert when Filter Requires Replacement
10)Power adjusted automatically according to the flow rate
11)Water Ionizing controlled automatically by the Microm onboard computer.
12)Reduced mineral deposits by use of platinum dipped with titanium electrodes.
13)Flux control and on-off valve on the tap,make the flow rate at your fingertip
14)More than ten types of filters can be combined as you like, makes your water natural pure . 
15)Auto flow reversal cleaning system (for 15 seconds every 1-50L of water; which is resetable).
16)Smart Filtration Technology,0.01micro length UF filter can guarranty a non-bacterial safe original water.
17)Black & whilte LCD Screen displaying pH, filter life, flow rate, reading the auto-diagnosis system etc 
18)Calcium may be added through an exterior port, meet the special requirement of old and children.
19)Automatic Draining System, enhance full system cleaning and greatly expand the machine life-span
20)Superior Materials: Fire&mildew proof covery of whole machine, non-toxic food-grade hose and plumbing 

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Introduction of Company 

Guangzhou Rorty Electronic Technology Co., ltd , it is a private high-tech R&D enterprise. For new development area and new products, Guangzhou Rorty Electronic Technology Co., ltd emerge at the right moment. New company,new idea,new product,new service.

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