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Product Description


Very popular of cheap price thick foam chips cheap foam scrap in bales for sale

YUN JIE polyurethane foam scrap collected from different furniture factory, we will first visit the credibility of the furniture factory for inspection, to confirm the availability of the foam scrap and then negotiate with the manufacturers. PU foam scrap unique soft material advantage in the field of furniture, it is mainly used for the major manufacturers of rebonded foam and furniture factory products filling, we are also professional rebonded foam manufacturer, so the quality of raw materials in the foam scrap we will strictly control, Ensure that high-quality rebonded foam finished products.




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                                    mix color memory foam                                                              latex foam scrap                          



To make good quality Rebonded foam, scrap foam raw materials is a very important part.

1.PU furniture foam scrap, bra foam scrap and latex foam scrapcan maufacture different density rebonded foam for sofa, mattress,carpet underlay,car seat ,cushion etc.

2.The memory foam scrap, latex foam scrap and polyester fiber foam is suitable for pillow filling,toy filling etc.

Packing and Shipping



Packaging way:Compression packing in bales. 250~300kg/bale

Weight: 250~300kg/baleLoading Quantity:
40"High cube containers can loaded no less than 20000kgs

Delivery time:12 days after order.






Popular scarp foam raw materials leftover Pu foam scarp

1.Q:Can you provide samples?

A: Yes,we provide the samples free of charge!

2.Q:What are the sources for the memory foam raw material ?

A: All directly from furniture factories or foam factories.

3. Q:Can you support different kinds of the foam raw materials ?

A:Yes,we can support variously scraps according to different customer requirements, such as  furniture foam, bra foam, shred foam, memory foam scrap etc. 

4.Q:Are you the manufacture or the trader?

A:We are the factory which focus on the rebond foam  raw materials for over 8 years.

5.Q:What’s your company’s main product?

   A:We provide all the raw material for the rebond foam .Including the rebond glue, scrap foam .And also the finish product(Rebond foam mattress,carpet underlay etc.) Click our website to learn more!

6.Q:What's about your customer service after sales?

A: We will  feed back within 48hours after receive customer's complain, for qualtiy issues, we will 100% responsible for customer's lost!

Popular scarp foam raw materials leftover Pu foam scarp


 YJ mission is :The Creative for our better life


YJ goal is: to do what we can for the customers, support the best quality with lowest price!




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