RS (быстрая установка) самовыравнивающаяся Подложка для упругого пола

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RS (Rapid Setting) Self-Leveling Underlayment for resilient flooring

Product Description

BiaoYuan Leveling cement is polymer-modified cement that has high flow characteristics and, in contrast to traditional concrete, does not require the addition of excessive amounts of water for placement. 


BiaoYuan Leveling Cement with Colour grey. Self Level Floor Compound is a cement based product used to level out uneven floors and screeds prior to laying ceramic tiles, thermoplastic tiles, lino, wood block flooring or carpet. The compound provides a free flowing mixing.


 1:Without isolation , with a good fluidity , to a certain thickness within a self-leveling .

2:There may be a reasonable construction and self-leveling time .
3:The characteristics of a fast dried .
4:By adjusting the formulation to meet the carrying capacity of different design requirements . Has excellent adhesion strength , not hierarchical hollowing .
5:With appropriate flexibility ( flexural strength ) .
6:Has good cohesion and abrasion resistance.
7:Low shrinkage, environmental characteristics .

1):Self-leveling cement is a high technology content, technical aspects of complex high-tech green products. It is dry blended powdery material from a variety of active ingredients, you can use the on-site mixed with water. After a little scraper to expand, you can get a high level base. Curing speed, 4 to 8 hours on a walk, or follow-up project (such as laying wooden floors, diamond plate, etc.), construction of fast, simple and traditional artificial leveling unmatched.
2):Safe, clean, beautiful, fast construction and put into use is self-leveling cement characteristics. It is a program to enhance the construction of civilization, to create high-quality and comfortable flat space, paving diversification Peugeot finishes material, so that life adds brilliant color.
Self-leveling cement widely used, can be used in industrial plants, workshops, warehousing, commercial stores, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, hospitals, all kinds of open space, office etc, but also for home, villa, cozy little space and so on. Can be used as decorative surface layer, may be used as wear-resistant substrate.

Technical Date





Flowability (mm)

Initial flowability


20min flowability


Tensile adhesive strength (Mpa)


Wear resistance (g)


Dimensional change rate (%)


24h compressive strength (Mpa)


24h anti-bending strength (Mpa)


28 days compressive strength (Mpa)


28 days anti-bending strength (Mpa)



Operation Step


1.The substrate must be clean, dry firm and no any residue, then use Xindadi special interface agent to paint the base plane.
2. After about 2-6 hours, mixed with water before construction, be sure to strictly self-leveling cement: water25:6 ~ 6.5kg mixed. First 6 ~ 6.5kg of water into the bucket, then pour the product side down while stirring until a homogeneous mixture, lay up 1 minute, then stir once again briefly.
3. Pour the mixture into the construction area, a zigzag rake to move to a desired uniform thickness (thickness constructability 1-4mm).Before initial setting, use defoaming roller to exclude air which mixed in before.
1. No excess water or it may decrease the compressive strength.
2. No strong wind and sun within 24 hours after construction.

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