Портативный кислородный концентратор для мобильной больницы

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mobile hospital family oxygen concentrator portable

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Working principles

Our medical oxygen concentrator adopts the current world's advanced transformation absorption (PSA) principle. It separate and filter the oxygen and nitrogen under common temperature and pressure, then obtain the medical oxygen. It is consistent with the pharmaceutical industry standards (YY 0298-1998).

Pure physical manner of making oxygen, without any additives, no disposables, pollution-free, fresh and natural.



a. It adopts PSA principle to obtain the oxygen by pure physical manner. It can continuously produce oxygen in an efficient and safe manner.  

b. American imported molecule sift helps produce pure oxygen.

c. Oxygen density monitor

d. High and low voltage alarming system

e. LED time counting system

f. Power off alarming system

g. Optional remote control, timing and oxygen nebulization

h. Low power consumption, 0.3KW/h.

i. Environmental Protective, without harmful byproducts



Max. Flow rate: 5L/min

Oxygen Density: ≥ 90% (V/V)

Running Noise : ≤ 52 dB

Dimension: 390*310* 640 mm

Power consumption: ≤ 480 VA

Continuous Working Time: 10,000 hours

Accessory: an oxygen pipe(180cm), a humidifying cup, anti-dust sponge(2pcs), filter sponge(2pcs)




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