Болтовой резервуар GLS / GFS для анаэробного реактора

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Our Company


Established on 2003, BOSELAN TANKS CO., LTD (BSL Tank) is devoted to research, manufacturer and assemble the glass fused to steel bolted tank, silos, membrane gas holder and related accessories.

With more than 10 years enameled tank production experience, nearly 100 employees including a professional engineering team, it has provided more than 1000 tanks all over China.

What is Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank | Enameled assembly Tank?

Glass-fused-to-steel is the premium technology in the tank market. The tank is assembled by special designed enameled steel plate to get performance of high corrosion resistance, durablity, and flexiblity on construction ways. Based on the prominent performance, it widely used in biogas project, waste water treatment project, industrial storage industry, agticulture and fermentation industry in the world

The Features & Benefits

Long life span (up to 30 years)
Reduced operational costs
Modular bolted tank construction
Rapid and cost effective site installation – Reducing project timescales, costs and requirement for on site equipment
Flexibility to Re-model
Tanks can be extended, dismantled and re-sited giving long term asset value
Optimum corrosion resistance of Glass-Fused-to-Steel
Safe and secure storage, with minimal maintenance costs
Complete range of diameter and height options with storage capacity solutions
Cover 50m³~10,000m³ for your choice. Most cost effective solution to meet customers needs

BSL Tanks' Outstanding Features

Specially designed Steel Plate:
BSL use Titanium alloy steel plate, which is specifically manufactured for the enameling process. Allow for exceptional physical performance, eliminates any fish scale defect.

Edge enamel coating technology:
BSL tank’s sheet's edges are also coated with the same enamel material in order to avoid electrolysis of dissimilar metals, rust and weakening of the enamel bonding.

Unique Porcelain Enamel Formula:
BSL developed it own enamel formula which make our procelain glaze adhesion more stronger, smooth. Effectively voided the pinhole, fish scales

BSL Tanks' Details

In the past decades, we developed our onw design on the tank, which earn much praise for us.

Detailed Images

Edge coating Technology: we also make the plate edge coated to get more corrosion resistance

Corner cut design: we cut the plate corner as picture shows then two plates coupling togther to get stronger wall

Special Designed bolts with gasket to fix the plate and stirrup

Inside, the bolts nut is also corrosion resistance design, and also will be sealed with weatherproof sealant

Packing & Delivery
Our Products

Glass fused to steel tank with domes

We provide whole system of the biogas project, covers pre-treatment system, tank system, gas purification system.

integrated Anaerobic digester

We fixed the gas holder on the anaerobic digester tank, which save the space of the prject site and save the cost

Inependent anaerobic digester with gas holder

Independent gas holder from the anaerobic digester, allow ppeople arrage the gas storage flexibly

Membrane Gas Holder

We purchase the membrane from qualified suppliers and make the gas holder in our onw mill to ensure the quality

Floating gas holder tank

We design, produce and assemle the floating gas holder tank in whole system.

Leachate Tank

We design and manufacturer the leachate tank system based on the project engineering team and their drawings.

Waste water treament tank

We design, manufacturer and assemble the IC Reactor, UASB reactor, EGSB reactor, waste water storage tank, etc

Infilltration Tank

We design, produce and assemble the infilltration tank, sidementation tank, aeration tank and aerobic tank

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