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Product Description

High quality w95% ni2% fe3% tungsten alloy cylinder

 Description of tungsten alloy cylinder

The density of tungsten heavy alloy is very high. Its density is twice of steel.It is massively applied to balancing weight mould,counterweight and high temperature moulds. Tungsten heavy alloy has low thermal coefficient but it has high absorption ability and high-energy rays.It aslo can be made into protective shield and high-energy rays as the parts of military defense.

1.High density
2.High wear-resistant
3.High thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion coefficient
4.High vibration-damping capacity and high Young's modulus
5.High oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance

Pictures of our tungsten alloy cylinder

Tungsten item

Our wholesale tungsten bar

suitable for producing ion implantation parts.electric light source parts and electric vacuum components,heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces,used as electrodes in the field of rare earth metal industry

tungsten wire

is regular black covered with graphite,metallic luster after graphite removed.

for producing electric light source parts and electric vaccum components,heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces,heating elements used in vacuum metalizing or plating.

tungsten Sputtering target

produce all kinds of high purity targets with full density and homogeneous texture,which will ensure a high utilization rate and greater efficiency

Tungsten crucibles/tubes

provide all kinds of tungsten crucibles and tungsten crucibles according to customer's drawings and machines to reach high precision

Company information

Product Packing


Q:What's your main products?
A:Tungsten /molybdenum /tungsten alloy products.tungsten counterweight

Q: Why should I choose your company for partner?
A: As you know, the raw material of low price makes your product more competitive in the market. That means it will make your sell much easier.

Q:Do you use first class tungsten /molybdenum powder?
A:We only use first class tungsten / molybdenum powder,no recycle.

Q Delivery tungsten alloy products can be shorter?
A: Usually we make sure all the order delivery with 30 days.Tungsten copper 15 days.

Q:Price can be cheaper?
A: We use first class tungsten powder,the cost is high.

Q:Tungsten /Molybdenum products MOQ?
A:Please email to enquire per different products.

Q:Tungsten /Molybdenum sample?
A:Sample available,within 7~14 days.

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