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Product Description

factory sale Oil Drilling Weight Rod tungsten alloy sinker bar

Description of tungsten sinker bar

Tungsten heavy alloy has a tungsten content of 85-99%,We add nickel-iron or nickel-copper as a binder,their high densities of up to 16 .5-18.89 g/cm3.
Geologging is an exploration technique used mainly in the oil and gas industries.
It is also known as wireline logging and borehole logging. A gamma ray source is lowered into a borehole and the radiation penetrates the rock strata.
This data can then be analyzed to determine whether deposits of gas or oil are present.
tungsten alloy is used as source holders for oil-well logging to shield the radioactive source and to act as a collimator for the gamma beam.
Besides, tungsten sinker bar or tungsten stem bar is also used to balance the huge equipment for logging.

Chemical Composition of our tungsten sinker bar

Type and size

Pictures of our tungsten sinker bar

Our Main Products

tungsten alloy 

our MINGGUAN metal co.,ltd is more than 15 years Manufacturer Tungsten Alloy Bar/Rod/Ball/Weight/Bucking Bar/Crucible/Sheet/Plate/Block/Fishing Weight/Boat/Golf Head,Tungsten Collimator,Tungsten Shield in medical,also Customized or OEM for you.

As tungsten copper alloy electrodeis high density with small capacity, high temperature resistance, reduction in press down-time, minimal extruded metal pick-up, high impact resistance and crack resistance, wonderful shock resistance, good corrosion resistance, etc. 

Tungsten ball

tungsten alloy bar/rod

tungsten copper alloy 

tungsten Medical Radiation Shielding

tungsten alloy bucking bar

tungsten alloy fishing weights

Company information
Product Packing

Q:What's your main products?
A:Tungsten /molybdenum /tungsten alloy products.tungsten sinker bar

Q: Why should I choose your company for partner?
A: As you know, the raw material of low price makes your product more competitive in the market. That means it will make your sell much easier.

Q:Do you use first class tungsten /molybdenum powder?
A:We only use first class tungsten / molybdenum powder,no recycle.

Q Delivery tungsten alloy products can be shorter?
A: Usually we make sure all the order delivery with 30 days.Tungsten copper 15 days.

Q:Price can be cheaper?
A: We use first class tungsten powder,the cost is high.

Q:Tungsten /Molybdenum products MOQ?
A:Please email to enquire per different products.

Q:Tungsten /Molybdenum sample?
A:Sample available,within 7~14 days.

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