Customized Copper Bar

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Product Description

Customized Copper Bar

We've customized huge amount of Customized Copper Bar for customers all around the world. The photos below are real shots for your reference.

Production Capacity
Regarding the production of Customized Copper Bar, in most cases it is customized based on your drawings. If there is:
1) formal drawings, we'll quote for you very soon
2) draft drawings, we'll share our advice for you to finalize the drawing before quote
3) just certain thoughts, our engineers will be able to make drawings for your confirmation
Main Material
Copper, Aluminum
Length Range
1mm - 6000mm
Width Range
1mm - 200mm
Thickness Range
0.2mm - 40mm
General Tolerance
+/- 0.1mm
Tin, Nickel, Silver, etc.
Heat-shrink Tube, Powder Coating
Punching, Bending, Tapping, Riveting, Plating, Heat-Shrinking, Powder Coating, etc.
Product Inspection

Regarding the inspection of Customized Copper Bar, the dimension check is a MUST. If your busbar contains plating or insulation, there could also be testings on plating thickness and insulation voltage, etc. Please just let us know if there's any requirement on inspection.

Product Packaging
Regarding the packaging of Customized Copper Bar, it depends on the product volume and size, and also most important is your requirements.
Usually, the carton is used to pack all the busbars.
In some cases, the wooden case is used to pack several cartons together.
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About HRY

Since January 2005, HRY has been a manufacturer of custom machining products for over 13 years. We understand quite well that, to live long in this industry, we must concern on both perfect products and unparalleled services. For the past years, HRY has obtained rich resources, complete facilities and professional techniques to provide fabrication service for custom metal parts, especially custom copper busbar and aluminum busbar.
We have a large inventory with various specs of copper bar profiles, which allows us to supply many common-spec copper busbar very fast. Punching, bending, drilling, tapping, riveting, plating, heat-shrinking, powder coating, laser marking…, almost every process you can imagine on the fabrication of copper busbar, can be perfectly done here. With years’ profession in this industry, our staff have a good understanding of many details that your may require for your custom fabrication, which enables us to run with high efficiency during communication.
You are always welcome to come to us to know more about our products and services.

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