Мешки для силоса, мешок для хранения зерна 12 'X 150 м X 250 микрон

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Product Description

Product Name
Silage Bags/grain bags/ag bags/silo bags
230um to 250um (9mil to 10mil)
8-12 ft
UV Durability
at least 18 months
Five-layer Co-extrusion
LDPE/LLDPE/MLLDPE/UV stabilizer and some additives

1.Silo Bag introduces a new system which stores grains and forage in a safe, economical and profitable way that it is truly global, versatile, mobile, quick to implement & cost efficient ;

2. Our bags are designed to achieve the optimal preservation of grains, in the same field of harvest or any other place under preference ;

3.Air tightness of the bag depletes the oxygen level and raise the carbon dioxide enables the system to be fumigant free ;

4. Grains having moisture lesser than 12% could be stored up to 24 months ;

5. A ctive environment protection by preventing the sealing of land and wrong investments ;

6. Hermetically sealed and gastight system when used properly .

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Company Profile

Since its foundation in 2009, Shandong LongXing Plastic Film Technology Co., Ltd has developed the domestic and foreign plastic film industry by best quality products in the domestic market.
We built up more workshops and imported the world's most advanced facilities-EVOH five layer co-extrusion blown film production line,devote ourselves to research and produce the first level products.
The total production capacity of all kinds of EVOH, PO, EVA, PE agricultural film, packing film, and geomembrane is 50,000 tons per year.

Among LongXing's leading products are:
l .Agricultural films for greenhouse covers;
l .Mulch films for use in open fields;
l .Barrier films for soil fumigation with noxious chemicals (VIF), (TIF);
l .HDPE films for pond and reservoir liners;
l .SiloFilm-Silage Bag, Silage Sheeting, Silage Wrap Film, Oxygen Barrier Film, etc;
l .Grain Storage Bag, Oxygen Barrier Film for grain storage;
l .Heavy duty bags for chemical fertilizers;
l .Fabric products-PP woven bag, poly-paper bag, bulk bag,·Weed Mat, PP woven geotextile, etc;
l .A range of non-agricultural applications-Geomembrane, Vacuum Bag Film, Flexitank, Shrink Wrap, etc.

LongXing has laid the foundation by the authorized technology and the quality of our company in the domestic market for a long time. Furthermore, we have grown into the company recognized by the world LongXing will promote people's wellness and the development of the agriculture plastic film industry by product invention and high quality. We keep trying for challenge and change, and your encouragement will help LongXing's growth.


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