Дизельный генератор с зажимом типа Thermo King для контейнеров Reefer

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Diesel Generator

The SG-3000 genset is the result of years of experience in designing and maintaining units for different climatic and operational conditions, and benefits from the most advanced technologies and a highly reliable design.

2.SG-3000 Series Generator Sets_Clip on Type

Clip- on Diesel Generator

1.Model Number: SG-3000

2. Output Type: AC Three Phase

3.Speed: 1800 RPM

 4.Frequency: 60Hz 

5.Rated Power: 18.75 kVA

6.Rated Voltage: 460V

7. Rated Current: 32A

8. Output Power: 15 KW

TK Diesel engine compliant with Interim Tier 4
2008 requirements
Fuel Type
No.2 Diesel (under normal conditions)
No.1 Diesel (cold weather fuel)
Rotational speed
1890+/-10 RPM
1560 + 10-0 RPM
460/230 Vac, 3 Phase, 60Hz
Output Power
15 kW
Apparent Power
18.75 kVA
Rotational speed
1800 RPM
Electrical System
SG+ microprocessor controller
12V, 925 CCA at –18⁰C (0⁰F)
Fuel Tank
Included in all models
SG Clip-On

SG Centre-mount

SG Side-mount
125 gal (473 litres)

80 gal or 50 gal (302 litres or 198 litres)

75 gal (283 litres) Round steel tank

The importance of always using Thermo King Spare Parts:
Genuine Thermo King replacement parts are proven time after time to beat the competition in side-by-side testing. Engineered to provide optimal performance and maximum life, Thermo King service parts protect your investment and provide you peace of mind and confidence on the road. Insist on Genuine Thermo King parts, every time !

3.Feature of Diesel Generator

Easy to operate

User-friendly interface featuring a multi language, high resolution controller interface ensuring that the unit is operated properly, no matter where in the world.


Extremely low fuel consumption and extended maintenance periods result consistently in lower life-cycle costs.


Latest engine, exciting technologies and Advanced Telematics options make the SG-3000 a sound and futureproof investment.

Efficiency: EcoPowerTM

PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.


The result of years of experience on the ground and thoughtfully tested components supported by Advanced Diagnostic, Auto restart function, global positioning and fuel consumption monitoring capability.


Specifically designed for reefer applications, available in 3 models for Clip-On, Center-Mount or Side-Mount.

Packing & Delivery

About 3-4 weeks production time.

Usually 6 units packed into one 20ft container

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