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Material Introduction

 PMMA ,also called acrylic, is a kind of colorless and transparent particle. It provides good transparency, chemical stability and weathering resistance. And easy to stain ,easy processing. Besides,it has beautiful appearance. It’s widely used in the modern construction industry. PMMA is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material that can be used to produce tableware. PMMA generally can be divided into pouring plates, plate and extrusion molding. 


PMMA Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades,Types

Thickness (mm)1mm-100mm
Width × Length (mm)1220mm*2440mm,1220mm*1830mm 

PMMA,(polymethyl methacrylate)

Colors included: Transparent, other color can be customized
Types: Rods, sheets




A. General Properties

1. Excellent transparency with a light transmission of 93%
2. High gloss and colorless
3. Good electrical insulation from high electrostatic charges
4. Resistant to weathering conditions
5. High surface hardness
6. Suitable for decorating
7. Real mould ability
8. Good mechanical for polishing
9. Resistant to non-polar solvents(oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons).
10. Suitable for use in contact with food.

B. Thermal stability
During prolonged exposure to heat, the temperature should not exceed 80/85 degrees.

C. Weathering
PMMA is highly stable under UV radiation. Even several years of exposure to solar radiation, does not present any substantial variation in its properties.


It’s widely used in automobile industry (signal equipment, instrument panel, etc.), pharmaceutical industry (storage of blood vessels, etc.), industrial applications (DVD, light scattering devices), electronic products, keys (especially transparent). Daily consumer goods (beverage cups, stationery, etc.).










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