Роликовый охладитель, RTIC охладитель, Roto охладитель

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Product Description

Item: Roto molded Cooler,  Ice box as RTIC cooler, Roto Cooler

Size: 20L, 25L, 30L, 35L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 75L, 80L, 110L


the box material: LLDPE with UV8 resistant, FDA grade.
the processing: Rotomolded (rotational mold), PU foamed.
the insulation: to keep the ice 8~10 days under outdoor.


Ice Cooler Super Cooler: 25qt, 35qt,  50qt, 75qt 

Ice Cooler Classic Cooler: 28L, 38L, 60L, 80L, 110L


Super Cooler-75qt-00.jpgSuper Cooler-75qt-01-2.jpgSuper Cooler-75qt-04-2Super Cooler-75qt-05-2Super Cooler-75qt-07-2


SP-170903003Super Cooler-75qt-02-1Super Cooler-75qt-03-1


Packaging & Shipping
Super CoolerOuter (mm)Inner (mm)Package(mm)20GP40GP40HC
SP-25qt516*336*383364*215*283545*355*400330 pcs660 pcs902 pcs
SP-35qt595*360*383459*245*283605*380*400306 pcs612 pcs720 pcs
SP-50qt667*405*426530*286*326685*425*445215 pcs 430 pcs520 pcs
SP-75qt720*462*460585*343*360735*480*475180 pcs360 pcs495 pcs

Classic CoolerOuter (mm)Inner (mm)Package(mm)20GP40GP40HC
CP-30L546*313*338452*236*260565*335*365448 pcs896 pcs980 pcs
CP-40L606*333*376512*256*293615*355*395285 pcs570 pcs795 pcs
CP-60L710*410*435630*313*330726*425*450210 pcs 420 pcs510 pcs
CP-80L750*430*453650*343*363770*450*475180 pcs360 pcs495 pcs
CP-110L850*460*493750*374*395865*480*505140 pcs280 pcs375 pcs
Company Information

We are professional to process the Ice Coolers over 10years, and the quality is controlled very strictly.

Also, we can create the OEM customized products if request.

If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

Skype: zhanshaobing99


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