1-4 оси движения, высокая производительность, высокая скорость MCU430 для 3 оси чпу шаговый мотор контроллер и 12 нм закрыть петли

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1-4 axis motion high performance high speed MCU430 for 3 axis cnc stepper motor controller

Product Description

1.32bit high-performance, high-speed CPU.
2.industrial grade LCD(resolution ratio:192*64).
3.motion control chip(output signal:5V pulse signal and direction signal).
4.I/O(14 channels of 24V photoelectric isolation input,8 channels of 24V).
5.photoelectric isolation output, rated current is 750mA per channel .
6.The max lines of program are 480.
7.Contact button array(28).

Minimum Data Unit
Maximum Data Size
Fast Moving Limit
9000mm/min(when the pulse equivalent is 0.001mm)
Max Output Frequency
Control Axle No.
1-4 (X,Y,Z,C)
Couple Axle No.
X,Y,Z,C-axis can be used for linear interpolation, and X,Y-axis can be used for circular interpolation.
Electronic Gear
Numerator is from 1 to 99999 and denominator is from 1 to 99999.
System Main Function
automatic operation, manual operation, program, parameter, self-test, setting, etc.
Auto-execute Function
continuous executing, single-step executing.
Manual Operation
motor positive inverse rotation, procedures zeroing, mechanical zeroing.
Program Supervision
program edit, read, delete and save.
Parameter Setting
system parameter, automatic system check, I/O setting and users.
External Manual
positive inverse rotation, start, pause, alarm, and emergency stop.
21 control orders
I/O Port
I/O port isolated from system, the output current is up to 1A.
Back Terminal
adapter plate not needed and can be wired directly, which is convenient and economized.
Outlook Dimension
SQL Port Dimension
L*W:162.5*85mm height of front panel:5mm

MCU430  motion controller
for three axis
English language

Application Areas

Production process

winding line
stator waveform check

R cover assembly
F cover assembly
driver a screw

characteristic check
axis height check

visual inspection
attach a label

Our certification

Package and Delivery

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