Цветной гибкий шланг для охлаждающей жидкости для сверлильного станка

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RUIAO colourful gooseneck hose  flexible coolant tube for drilling machine

package for coolant tube 20.jpg

Our coolant tube gooseneck hose can be bended in any angle, the lifetime can reach 50,000times bending, welcome contact us for more details~

Product Description

some model specification can be offered, according to your requirement ,some datas can be different

cnc machine 1/2 plastic coolant liquid systerm flexible gooseneck  tube.jpg

 RUIAO colourful gooseneck hose  flexible coolant tube for drilling machine

tools for coolant tube

RUIAO colourful gooseneck hose  flexible coolant tube for drilling machine

RUIAO blue coolant tube.jpg

RUIAO colourful gooseneck hose  flexible coolant tube for drilling machine

coolant tube stock.jpg

RUIAO colourful gooseneck hose  flexible coolant tube for drilling machine

Carton coolant tube packge .jpg

More Products

Welcome learn more about RUIAO products~

chip conveyor.jpgoil mist collector.jpgmachine covers.JPGsteel  drag chain.jpg 


Email to me now~

Business card for sales


why choose us

1. Whether raw materials is guaranteed?

Reply: we have stable supplier for our raw materials about  decades, performance test reports can be provided if necessary 


2. How to determine the model ?

Reply: we have  professional and technical personnels to help you match the optimal strategy .


3. What is the life of the product?

Reply: with the high-performance raw materials and  high-end processing machinery,we ensure the lifetime will be more than three years in the normal use.


4.how about the salesman service ? 

Reply: we have the Service Department,Manager zhao will be ready for you in 24h everyday,QQ:1826839662  T:+863174958927


5. Are you the real manufacturer ? 

Reply: our plant is located in Zhifangtou Industrial Estate, here is the gathering place for processing enterprises,welcome to HEBEI RUIAO!


6. how to choose a suitable size ?

Reply: the detail catalog can show out the whole sizes which can be offered at once.


7.can you suggest me a suitable type?

Reply: certainly, all the ESQ are professional ones in machine tools, once you provide some key words, the most suitable size can be choosen to meet your need.


8.what about the delivery time?

Reply: Generally speaking, 7days after payment done.


9.what your worktime?

 Reply: all the time, any request should be replied within 24hours.


10.what’s your main market?

 Reply: Europe and America, well, any countries can be our good buyer


11.do you have any angency outside CHINA?

 Reply:all the RUIAO products sell out from the factory, so the price will be similar to every buyer.


12. what is your publicity campaigns?

 Reply: by attending international exhibition


Have any questions, please contact the official customer service~~~

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