Zhangpu G623 granite tile,slab,countertop ,cobble stone for indoor and outdoor use

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Product Description

Longtops stone is a famous and leading stone manufacturer in china, which owns 3 stone quarries and 9 factories.  We produce the following paving stones at good quality at cheap prices.  


Paving stone,Cube stone,Pebble stone,Kerbstone/Curbstone,Stepping stone,Flag stone, Block step, Wall stone,Blind stone, Palisade/Stone fence,Landscape stone,etc


Material: Granite--G603/G602/Zhangpu black /G623/G614/G654/G684/G664/G687/G682/G304/G341/G366/G399/G375....


Colors: Grey, White, Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, Rusty, Blue...


Finish: Flamed, honed, bushhammered, Pineappled, Chiselled, Nature split, Flamed and brushed, Tumbled, Mushroom ....


Usage: Driveway, Walkway, Outdoor paving, Patio, Garden road, Plaza, Landscaping ....


Regular sizes and Finishing


For Paving stone (Cubes):


1. Sizes

5X5X5CM,8X8X8CM,9X9X9CM,10X10X10CM,10x10x5cm,10x20x5cm,9.5x9.5x4CM,19.5x19.5x4CM,22X11X5CM,16.5X11.5X5CM,19.7X19.7X8CM,14.5X14.5X8CM,16X16X16CM,22X16X16CM,27x18x9cm,18x18x9cm,18x18x18CM or Customized


2. Finishing

a. All sides natural split

b. All sides sawn cut

c. 5 sides saw cut, Surface natural split

d. 5 sides saw cut, Surface flamed

e. 4 sides saw cut, top natural split, tumbled ,mesh back 


For Paving stone (Tiles)


1. Sizes: 


40x40x3/4/5cm, 40x50x4cm,50x80x4cm,60x90x4cm,60x30x5cm ,30x60x3/4/5cm,60x60x3/4/5cm,30x30x6cm,40x40x6cm,30x60x6cm,40x60x6cm or customized


2. Finishing


a. Flamed


b. Flamed and brushed


c. Bushhammerred


d. Pipeappled


e. Chiselled


For Kerbstone :


1.Sizes: 6x20x100cm,6x25x100cm,8x20x100cm,8x25x100cm,10x20x100cm,10x25x100cm ,8x25--28cm,length ca.100cm, 10x25-28cm,length ca.100cm, 12x25-28cm,length ca. 100cm, 14x25-28cm,length ca.100cm  ,14x25x80--100cm,27/30x25/26x100cm or customized designs


2. Finishing: Bushhammmered, Rough picked, Fine picked ,Pineapple,Cleft,natural split,Flamed, Flamed and brushed, Polished, Honed, Mushroom, Sandblasted, Chiseled, Brushed etc


3. Edge profile 


Eased, Beveled, Bull nose, Ogee, Slant, Chiselled etc



For step stones 




110/120/125/130/140*33*3cm       15*110/120/125/130/140*2cm


110/120/125/130/140*33*2cm        15*110/120/125/130/140*2cm




Flamed, Flamed and brushed, Polished, Honed, Bushhammerred etc




20141015193645308.jpg92943800901974585.jpgBlack_paving_stone.jpgblind_stone.jpgcheap-driveway-.pngchinese_curbston.JPGG654 FLAMED.jpgG654-Cobble-Paving-Stone.jpgGranite-Cobble-Stone-.jpgGranite-Tiles-.jpgKerb-Stones.jpgocean+blue 2.pngPacking.jpgPatternN003.jpgPatternN007a.jpg


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