Маленькие прозрачные стеклянные бутылки с посылкой желаний с кораблем

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Mini Clear Wishing Message Glass Bottles With a Ship


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MA202112 3.8 6.5cm150pcs56* 41* 42m/
MA202618*8*8.5cm48pcs56* 41* 42m/
MA203714.5*6.5*8cm 60pcs47*37*36CM/
MA200817*6*7CM70pcs49* 37* 44cm/
MA203811.5*4.5*6cm 120pcs50*31*42CM/

Medieval, drift bottles is one of limited means people communicate across the vast ocean. Sealed in the bottle drifting note often contain important information or heartfelt blessing. Find a possible coming from unknown drift bottles, for the purposes of the Ancient Mariner may be a surprise. Mysterious, occasionally, drift bottles is like looking ...... maritime era of human cross-cultural symbol. And perhaps the reason many shipwreck will note that in drifting bottle. ,
Today, as a symbol of drift bottles Wishing. People in the bottle on the color Wishing sand, with a small piece of paper to write on their aspirations in a bottle, in order to pray for their wishes to come true.
How to play:
* Write down your wishes, blessings, friends or whatever letter
* Bottle thrown into the sea
* You will from time to time picked up the bottle of others
* You can reply to the message received
* Why worry about the language barrier? You can choose to receive their messages only

wishing bottle 01.pngwishing bottle 04.pngwishing bottle 11.pngwishing bottle 17.pngwishing bottle 22.pngwishing bottle 25.png

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