CE ISO vvf вилла Лифт 2 человек Лифт Для 2 стопов/небольшие лифты для дома

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CE ISO VVVF  villa elevator 2 person elevator for 2 stops /small elevators for homes

JFUJI (HOMEFRIEND & FUJI ELEVATOR CO., LTD), as a modern Sino-Foreign joint v

enture focusing on elevator manufacturing and engaging in production, cooperative research & development with vendors, as well as after-sales services including sales, installation and maintenance, was jointly established by Guangdong Buzhi Industry Investment, Hong Kong Sumitomo Industry (Group) and Japan Fuji FA System Co., Ltd.   

The Company is situated in Foshan, Guangdong, one of two largest elevator manufacturing sites in China. It has total investment of 53 million dollars ($) and floor space of about 200 acres, and boasted a production center, R&D and training center and marketing service center; It is known as one of most competitive and powerful elevator manufacturers and service providers in the world by introducing Japanese RMADA multi-station CNC punching machine, CNC shearing machine and CNC bending machine and other world-class production and test equipment as well as scientific and rigorous management models and providing manufacturing capacity of 10000 sets per year.


Villa elevator Details

 The company, as the president of Foshan Elevator Association and the member of China Elevator Association, boasts engineering talents well-recognized by the industry, is deeply implanted in environment friendly and public responsibilities, and establishes a strategic cooperative coalition with large and medium elevator parts companies always engaging in manufacturing at home and aboard. We always insist on the core value of "manufacturing lifting equipment more suitable for human use" from product research & development, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and services. The company has 88 types of first-class mature elevators used in buildings, office buildings, stores, hotels, hospitals, industrial parks and public traffic and other areas. An international enterprise is established to promote environment friendly and healthy development by providing 24-hour service network and integrating the Homefriend & Fuji Intelligent Elevator Maintenance System based on cloud technology into daily information management platform.



Villa elevator car Decoration





Elevator Function List

Emergency Response

Emergency lighting in car: Emergency lighting device is arranged in the car and activates in case of power failure. 

Car alarm bell

Under special circumstances, passengers could press the alarm button in car to notify the outside world in a timely manner.

Emergency electric operating device

The control cabinet in machine room of elevator is provided with emergency electric operating device for emergency rescue.

Emergency firefighter service

When the key switch in car is activated, the elevator will disable all call signals and exclusively respond to the internal commands of car so as to coordinate with firefighters in extinguishing operation; this feature is used with fire elevators. (Fire elevator is temporarily unavailable due to the limitations of fireproof materials and testing.)

Emergency fire protection

In the case of fire alarm, the system will, upon the receipt of fire alarm signal, deactivate all commands and call signals, drive the elevator directly back to fire protection floor, open the door for evacuation of passengers, and wait for firefighters. Upon the successful fire emergency landing at home landing, control system will send successful landing signal to fire center. (Manufacturer supplies interface, while users are expected to wire the control cabinet and fire control center.)

Fire control status indication

Prompting message is displayed in car after the activation of fire control state.

Blackout emergency evacuation device

 In case of emergency stop of elevator during normal operation due to sudden power failure, this device will make rapid response, drive elevator to move to leveling position at low velocity, and open the door to evacuate passengers while giving prompt message. (Leveling accuracy)



Energy Conservation

Stop switch

When the key switch mounted at designated floor is activated, the elevator will, upon the receipt of floor command, activate 
energy saving mode by switching off in-car lighting and turning on external switch indicator lamp.

Fan and lighting control in car

When no operation command is received, the elevator will stop within a predetermined period of time after the closing of door, and 
enter into energy saving mode by switching off in-car lighting lamps and fans.

Crime protection

If this feature is activated, the car door will be opened at predetermined floors for inspection.

Emergency power supply operation

In case of power failure, elevators are connected to emergency power supply of system; then, the elevator cars in group move to 
designated landing (or the landing at next floor); and then, the doors will be opened to unload passengers. Upon the request of user,certain elevators in the group could be designated for normal operation service; after power supply returns to normal, all elevators will automatically resume normal service status.

Seismic operation

In the case of earthquake, the system will cancel all commands and call signals upon the receipt of earthquake information;
 elevator will open the door at the nearest floor for evacuation of passengers and stop the operation once user provides earthquake

Community monitoring screen

This monitoring screen could be mounted in duty rooms of building or community, indicate the running status of elevator in a
 simple manner through LED indicators, and lock the elevator.

Intelligent IC card system

 This system is designed for authority management at certain floors and for intelligent management of personnel's getting in and 
out of elevator through car reader systems arranged in car and outside hall. This feature is available only for elevator, and

Missing stop prompt

A buzzer is activated to remind passengers in case of missing stop; this feature is designed for blind persons and other special 

Timed ON/OFF

When this feature is activated, elevator is turned on/off at designated time, and the elevator lock will be controlled automatically



Our Company



Production Process




Engineering Projects





Exhibition Review



Q & A

Our pattern and promotion:


1.safety: we design many kinds of spare part to promise the elevator more dafety, like the traffic light function, when the light turn red in the doorsill, means that people could not get in or get out; when turn green, then pass.

2.Three handrails in the cabin as standard, and we promote that no afraid of falling down elevator.

3 Electric control cabinet door with safety running protection switch, no dust, no destroy, and promise its longlife service, any interested in this function, feel free to contact me, and I trust you will like it.



1. Inquiry: Please send us inquiry from alibaba, we will send you quotation to you within 24 hours, when you sent us inquiry, please offer quantity, load capacity, rated speed, and how many floors, stops, openings 

2. Production lead time: Standard product is about 25 day 

3. Package: plywood case for separate packing mode

4. Payment: 30% T/T down payment and balance shall be paid before loading, please note that it will take 3-5 days for us to receive the dollar remittance, which not include the off day of bank; 

5. Warranty period: 12 months after the delivery.

6. Installation and maintenance: We have the professional maintaining team, which can provide guidance for high quality installation and maintenance.

7.Factory location: Foshan city which is one hour’s drive from Guangzhou city.

8.Port of loading: Guangzhou,Shenzhen,foshan or as request


AGENTS WANTED For our global market strategy, now we are looking for agents and partners all over the world. Your success is the vital part of ours. We will keep close cooperation and help you grow with us. Let’s face the future together ! In order to provide good after sale service for our customer, our partners (agents) should have the capacity to do the installation, repair and maintenance work. We will provide the technique and engineering training if necessary. You have all our support! Looking forward to meeting you soon and visit us!



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