Массаж серфинг пузырь бассейн детская

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baby bathtub


1.acrylic baby bathtub,1Pcs air pump,with air bubble with led light.

2.water innet copper faucet,hand shower,change-over switch,cold-hot switch,drainer,double stainless steel handrail.



1.Environmental medical grade acrylic material, non-toxic and tasteless.

2.Optional massage function.

3.Easy to cleanse.


Material technology:


Massage bathtub function:
1.Acupoint massage:The strength and speed of massage can be changed at will,acupuncture
point massage can be performed on the neck or back.
2.Smart panel:Intelligent control system makes your use more convenient and quick.Baby
can enjoy the perfect spa at home.
3.Bubble bath
4.Ozone disinfection:Through the oxygen generator, the ozone is transported to the
backwater hole of the bathtub wall,then transported to the bathtub to be disinfected.
5.Detection of water level:Save water resources.It can accurately detect the depth of
level,and better to prevent the massage from electric idling.


Swimming benefit:





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