Оптовая продажа, постельное белье из 280 французского льна шириной 100% см, Бельгийское постельное белье

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Product Description

280 cm wide width 100% French linen bedding belgium bed linen fabric wholesale

100% Linen

weight:160 gsm 

width: 280 CM ( 110")

we have 67 color stock for choose ,the MOQ 1 meter sale , 

the fabric is pre washed style ,shrinkage about 2% -- 3%.

we can do :
Linen fabric Type: solid color , printed ,Yard dyed, coating (PU,PA,anti UV ,waterproof and breathable, scraping and dyeing,paint scraping),

Linen fabric style: plain, twill , herringbone,jacquard,embroidered.
Linen fabric width range: 135 CM --300 CM

customer color  MOQ per color 1000 meter .

The color card is free ,we can free offer color card or sample , welcome contact with us for details .

linen fabric 

280CM width Linen  color card


stripe Linen color card ,
fabric width 280CM 


Yarn dyed stripe linen fabric 

compistion:100% linen

wieght 160gsm 


stripe linen we have 16color  in stock for choose .

MOQ 1meter 

customer pattern accept.

Yarn dyed denim linen fabric 

composition:100% linen


weight :160CM 

11 color in stock .

customer color accept 

Yarn dyed strip linen fabric 

composition:100% linen
weight :160CM 

Stripe Linen fabric 



100% linen 

Linen fabric series: 

 women's clothing linen fabric , Men's clothing linen fabric , baby clothing linen fabric . hometextile linen fabric (use bedding , tableclothes,napkins.cushioncover,curtain,,etc),


         How to Iron?
Linen will always have natural wrinkles after washing. This gives the rustic and modern look to your linen.
No need to iron! You can flat and smooth your towel by shaking it with your hands.
If you would like to have it pressed,
use low temperature iron while
it’s still damp. Use a damp tower to overlay on linen when pressing a dry linen.

            How to washing?
- -linen can be both hand washed and machine washed .
 ....Wash your linen at low temperature (30C / 104F or lower)
.....Wash white, light and dark color linens separately.
....If possible, wash separately from other fabrics as well.
....Use gentle/delicate cycle at your machine with mild detergent. 
--Do not bleach.
--Don't expose yourself to too much sun

                                                                       About Linen
Flax is one of the oldest textile fibers in the world. The oldest woven garment dates back to the time of Ancient Egypt, approximately 5000 years ago. Linen was brought to Europe through trade and around the 13th century, Western Europe had become the world’s center for the flax industry, peaking in the 1800s.
Since its arrival, flax has always been present in Western Europe because the plant grows best here. temperate climate ensures the ideal alternation of sun and rain for a large and strong plant. The longer and stronger the fiber, the better the quality of the linen. More than 75% of flax fibers used worldwide to weave linen fabric come from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.To enable the separation of fiber from plant, flax is retted. The plant is left lying on the field for up to 6 weeks while nature takes its course. The green stem dries out and turns woody and brown. The exact color depends on the amount of sun and rain during the retting process.

The unique beige color of linen fabric is the natural hue of flax, the color of nature. You can find these colors in the shop as flax, natural and oyster. These products are not dyed, only washed or bleached. It’s linen in its most natural form!

Flax is a strong fiber. It requires great knowledge to weave the stiff fiber into a quality fabric. A high-quality linen fabric can last years and has a high resistance to wear and tear.
Linen yarns have a very specific irregular structure and create the unique look of the fabric.
Flax fiber is hollow on the inside and can absorb moisture well, in fact a linen fabric can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water! The fiber also releases the moisture easily, which makes the fabric dry quickly. A useful characteristic in towels, bath linen and bed linen.
Flax fiber has great thermoregulating qualities ; the hollow strucuture of the fiber breathes and makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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