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  • Milk Forther is perfect tool to foam milk.

  • Get a cup of cappuccino in seconds.

  • It is operated with 2 x AA size batteries ( not included).

  • Material of body:  ABS plastic.

  • Material of spiral:  food grade stainless steel.

  • Color:  solid plastic color, any color as customized.

  • Product size:  L22.4cm x Dia 3.9cm

  • How to use:

             1. Press the release button on the back of the handle and slightly tilt the battery compartment lid forwards to remove it

                 as picture.


             2. Insert 2 batteries as illustrated. Observe correct polarity (+/-).


             3.  Hook the battery compartment lid in at the front and press it onto the handle until you can hear and feel it click into




             4.  Clean the foaming spiral before first use. Hold the foaming spiral into a container which is filled with clear water and

                  a little washing-up liquid, and switch on the device briefly. Then rinse the spiral with clear water.


             5. Use a suitable receptacle to foam milk, if possible a tall container. Only fill the container to a maximum of 1/3.


             6.  Lower the spiral of the milk frother into the milk and press the On button. You must keep the On button pressed while

                  frothing milk. Move the frother to and fro in the container so that air is mixed with the milk.

                        cup2.jpg            cup3.jpg        

              7.  Let go of the On button to switch the device off. Pour the foamed milk onto your cappuccino and sprinkle a little sugar

                   or cocoa powder on top. Your cappuccino is ready.

                         cup4.jpg                  cappuccino.jpg

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