Грузики Дерби из сосны разных размеров, автомобильные вольфрамовые инкрементные цилиндры

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Product Description
Pinewood derby car Tungsten Cylinder weight
VIKE tungsten products are made using a process called “Sintering“, this is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat and pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction. This allows us to make very high density, precision weight and sized products for all forms of Pinewood Derby Construction. You will find not only is vike tungsten the highest density available but it is finish polished for the very best fit and appearance.

Due to its very high density Tungsten is an excellent weighting material for pinewood derby cars. Only gold, platinum, and a few other rare and expensive metals have a similar density. Tungsten is approximately 1.7 times denser than lead and 3.2 times denser than the zinc (“lead-free”) weight often used on pinewood derby cars, thus it allows a tremendous amount of freedom in the car design especially for speed by allowing the builder to place a large amount of weight in a small, aerodynamic area.
Products name
Tungsten Cylinder

97% Tungsten


Delivery Time
10-15 days


Brand name
Factory experience
10 + Yeas
each size at least 100
Payment term
T/T , Western union , L/C at sight ,Paypal
Bulk packaging or Blister packs
Weight & Height
(1/16 oz. & 0.05"  )    (1/8 oz.& 0.11")   (3/16 oz.& 0.18" )  (1/4 oz. & 0.22" ) (1/2 oz.& 0.44") 
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