Дешевый Термодинамический тепловой насос TYN35 с солнечной панелью для домашнего использования

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Product Description


TYNRB35 Thermodynamic Hot Water Heat Pump with Solar Panel

Thermodynamic Solar Panel is the heating of hot water through the use of the refrigeration principle. It can

collect the heat from the sun,the rain , the snow,the sleet and even the night air, 24 hours per day, 365 days

per year.

It could heat the water to 55℃ ,with 25years lifespan and save up to 90% on your hot water energy bill.

Material: Aluminium Plate

Main Size : 2000x800mm 1700x800mm 2000X1000mm 1700X500mm 1700X900mm 1700X990mm

Thickness : 1.5~2.0mm

Fitting : Wall or frame mounted

Application :

1. Domestic hot water

2. Project hot water

3. Ground Heating and radiator

4. Central Cooling and heating


Main Parts:


Compressor: scroll type.

refrigerant: R410a/R22


our products obtian the heat energy from SOLAR by the new generation heat absorption board in sunny day . working ambient temp. -10°c TO 45 °c. the heat pump will start to work when raining day or snowing day .



1.Our products will offer the hot and sanitary water all the year round .

2.Comparing with the air source heat pump water heater , our products is much more energy-saving and eco-friendly . because this products mainly get heat energy from sun , it is green and free of charge.

3.Comparing with the Solar water heater , our products can get heat energy from ambinet air while raining or snowing day .


The main advantages of SOLAR HYBRID HEAT PUMP

74% less emissions than an oil boiler

Low operating cost

Designed and built especially for FAMILY sanitary hot water

Simple installation

Long lifespan

Suitable for hot water in operation throughout the year*

Minimum maintenance


The split type units mean the main unit and the water tank are separate,and that is easy and flexible to select the place of installation.The capacity of the water tank may be made a choice according to family people.

Separate water system and electricity,reliability and safety.

The material of the water tank is adopted the high quality stainless steel. The resin sponge is filled in the interspace between the inner wall and outer, and that is good heat insulation.

By microcomputer controller and automatic intelligentizing mode,within 24 hours hot water supplying setting,timing ON/OFF designation to set freely.

The products are with economy and energy saving, consumption of yearly average of electricity is as same as 65% of the solar water heater and 25% of the electrical water heater.

The products are adopted the theory of thermal transmssion:Compressor operates to discharge the high temperature carrier of the refrigerant and that makes water heat.That is no exhaust gas discharging and waste residue.

The products are adopted the heat exchanger/condenser of the high efficient sealed shell type.The water of the system and the refrigerant operate heat exchanging in the whole dynamic process that protects the tube from dirt.

The products are suitable for family,hotel, barbers, beauty shop, school, hospital, etc.

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