Изогнутая Светодиодная панель 5D, 22/32/42/50/52 дюймов, 120/180/240/288/300 Вт, 12/24 В

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Product Description
  • Operating Voltage: DC 10-30V(Fit 12V/24V vehicle)
  • Beam Angle: 30 degree(spot beam)  + 60 degree(flood beam) combo
  • Color Temperature: Pure White 6000K
  • Working Temperature:-40-85 degree Celsius
  • Material: Black Die-cast Aluminum profile,PC lens,metal side brackets
120W; 180w;240W; 300W
Package Included:
  • 1x Tri-Row LED light bar
  • 2x bottom slip
  • 1x wiring loom harness kit with fuse and relay
  • Necessary mounting hardware like bolts,washers included
  • Off-Road vehicles-ATVs,SUV,truck,Fork lift,trains, boat
  • Specialized vehicles-Fire engine,police cars,rescue vehicle,communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc.
  • Engineering vehicles-Excavator,dozer,road roller,bulldozer,crane and mining truck etc.
  • 1.IP68 water and dust seal,about 30000 hours life time
  • 2.Subversive spot & flood optic system,high density light spread makes dark night become daytime
  • 3.Tri-row LED spot beam configuration,nest reflector cup encircled pushes light efficiency to max, little unused light
  • 4.Broad reflective plate allows multi wide angle refraction,ideal for ambient lighting
  • 5.Designed to project maximum pure white light to the road,no dark zone or foggy light in close quarters
  • 6.Oversized grooved heat sink fins extends cooling surface for quick heat elimination
  • 7.Full die-cast aluminum profile,wear & corrosion resistant enough to withstand any harsh environment,also doubling as heat sink
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