60 в 2 кВт 2 кВт 5 кВт 60 в 4 кВт 350 Вт резиновый пакет электрический автомобиль Бесщеточный bldc двигатель 72 в с управлением

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Motor type Output Power Voltage Load Speed Rated Torque Efficiency Noise IP Class
KW V A RPM Nm % dB
VOL-BL3K5A72 3.5 72 51.71 1500 22.28 94 62 IP 54
VOL-BL3K5A110 3.5 110 ac 19.54 1500 22.28 94 62 IP 54
VOL-BL3K5A220 3.5 220 ac 9.77 1500 22.28 94 62 IP 54
VOL-BL3K5A380 3.5 380 ac 5.66 1500 22.28 94 62 IP 54
VOL-BL3K5B72 3.5 72 51.71 3000 11.14 94 62 IP 54
VOL-BL3K5B110 3.5 110 ac 19.54 3000 11.14 94 62 IP 54
VOL-BL3K5B220 3.5 220 ac 9.77 3000 11.14 94 62 IP 54
VOL-BL3K5B380 3.5 380 ac 5.66 3000 11.14 94 62 IP 54









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Q:Motor has been running then fails to start,what to do?
A:Likely cause: Fuse or circuit breaker is tripped. 

      What to do: Replace the fuse or reset the breaker.


     Likely cause: Armature is shorted. Motor may make a humming noise and the circuit breaker or fuse will trip.
     What to do: Disassemble motor and inspect the armature for a burnt coil. Inspect the commutator for burnt bars. If this condition exists, the motor needs to be replaced.


     Likely cause: The brushes may be worn down too far and no longer make contact with the commutator.
     What to do: Check the brushes to make sure that they are still making contact with the commutator. Contact manufacturer for brushes.


      Likely cause: Controller may be defective.
      What to do: Verify voltage is coming out of the controller.


Q: On initial installation, motor fails to start up,what to do?
A: Likely cause: Motor is incorrectly wired
     What to do: Verify that the motor is wired correctly.


     Likely cause: No output power from controller.
     What to do: Measure voltage coming from the controller.


     Likely cause: Motor is damaged and the armature is rubbing against the magnets.
     What to do: Disassemble motor and see if the armature can be realigned by reassembly. Motor may have to be replaced.


Q:  Motor takes too long to accelerate,what to do?
A:  Likely cause: Motor controller not properly set.
     What to do: Adjust the acceleration trim pot of the controller.


     Likely cause: Brushes are worn.
     What to do: Verify brush length.


     Likely cause: Bearings may be defective.
     What to do: Inspect bearings. Noisy or rough bearings should be replaced.


Q:  Motor runs in the wrong direction,what to do?
A:  Likely cause: Incorrect wiring
     What to do: Interchange the two motor leads.


Q:  Motor runs OK but has a clicking noise,what to do?
A:  Likely cause: Suspect a burr on the commutator.
     What to do: Remove burr from commutator using a commutator stone.

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