Плетеная армированная полиэтиленовая водонепроницаемая мембрана, УФ-защита RPE вкладыши для пруда, пищевая рыба и креветки фермерские вкладыши

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Product Description

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Weave reinforced polyethylene waterproof membrane,UV protection RPE pond liners,food grade fish and shrimp farming liners


Material:100% new Reinforced HDPE with UV treated
2 to 3x stronger than EPDM but 1/3 weight of EPDM,Available in very large sized panels,no issue with seams
Size:The RPE liner can be made sizes 2m x 50m up to 50m x 50m as single piece liners
Package:in bales
Available in 3 thicknesses! 30 mil is most popular, but keep in mind as liner gets thicker, it also gets a little stiffer.
Our RPE pond liner is made of reinforced HDPE ,half the thickness of EPDM and PVC liners but much stronger because of the reinforced process.
RPE pond liner is our favorite product for large scale water retention projects like lakes, golf course water hazards, large farm ponds, or irrigation ponds. RPE is much stronger than EPDM. Depending on the thickness of RPE you go with, it is 3 to 6 times more puncture and tear resistant than EPDM. 
Another huge benefit is RPE is much lighter,so we can create very large pieces of RPE, from 2m x 50m up to 50m x 50m in a single piece, and still have it be manageable during the installation. RPE is also available in a few different thicknesses depending on how much strength you need.

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RPE pond liners are by far the most durable of all of the materials available. Because these liners are reinforced, they are stronger and more puncture resistant than the two other major types of pond liners. Here are a few facts to consider about RPE liners:
RPE liners are half the thickness of EPDM and PVC liners
RPE liners are one third the weight of other liners, making it easy to produce larger sheets and liners
RPE packs smaller than other liners and is easier to install
Because RPE liners are reinforced and stronger they don’t stretch as much as EDPM liners, but can still fold around corners and pond shelves and look good
RPE pond liners don’t require underlayment because of their strength and puncture resistance
RPE pond liners are considered to be the most durable liners available and last upwards of 40 years
Can be welded together with heat
RPE liners are fish and plant safe

ST190 RPE LINERE                                                    ST250 RPE POND LINER                                            ST350 RPE POND LINER


Our Reinforced Polyethylene Pond Liners are your best choice for the highest quality and longest lasting water containment material:
ST190 (20 mil),usage life is at least 10 years - The thinnest, most flexible liner, the ST190 polyethylene material consists of three layers of high-density and low-density polyethylene. Recommended for small projects.
ST250 (25 mil),usage life is at least 15 years - Perfect for large and small ponds, the ST250 is our most popular grade of liner. It is extremely flexible and durable with high puncture and tear resistance and offers three layers of high-density and low-density polyethylene.
ST350 (30 mil),usage life is at least 20 years - Built with a thicker coating, the ST350 is a three layer liner of high-density and low-density polyethylene, providing an excellent level of hydrostatic resistance.

RPE Pond liners allow you to have a lake or pond almost anywhere!

Reinforced Polyethylene Liners (RPE) offer a perfect blend of strength and flexibility for your next pond or water containment project.

RPE Liners are used in the construction of small lakes, ponds, water gardens, wildlife ponds, livestock and waste water lagoons. The reason so many types of ponds use a liner is to prevent water from seeping into the surrounds soil while allowing the pond to be dug in the shapes and depths required to maintain water levels. Lined ponds support fish, aquatic plants and most often maintain clearer water than earthen ponds.

when you put a liner in your pond before filling it with water there will no chance of the water mixing with the soil beneath the lining material. This way the water remains clear and pure of any contamination that could otherwise come from the soil below. This means that the water that will be in your pond remains pure and will be good for the plants or animals that you decide to put in the pond.

A pond that lacks a liner often leaks too much and this way lots and lots of water is lost. As the water leaks, valuable minerals and salts such as magnesium, calcium, and compounds of selenium also go away with the leaking water. With water leaking away from the pond every minute the level of the pond water keeps on dropping and the water would regularly need to be replenished in the pond.

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