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Product Description

Wholesale private label multivitamin iron effervescent guarana energy drink fizzy tablets

effervescent tablet


Main Ingredients

Caffeine,Taurine,Ginseng extract,VB1,VB2,VB3,VB6,Inositol,Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sorbitol, Natural Flavor, Stevia Leaf Extract,  Magnesium Oxide


Health function

Reduce body tiredness and fatigue
Increase physical endurance
Support electrolyte balance
Help you feel energetic
Support your muscles
Improve energy and power


3.5g x 10 tablets/tube, 200tubes/carton, also per your  request.

Shelf life

24 months.


Keep tightly in a cool and dry place.


it can’t replace the medicine, should not be more than the quantity recommended or use the same kind of product in the meantime.

Suit crowds

 supply energy for adult



Usage and dosage

Once a day , 1 tablet one time;People over 11 years old:2 times a day,1 tablet one time.Put one tablet into about 100ml warm(cool) drinking water and drink after it dissolves. Drink it after the meal.


2.Advantages of  Effervescent Tablets .


1.Supply the nutrient & engergy we need daily , eventually promote development.  

2.Promote digest and improve health condition.

3.Effectively fight against  sorts of disease.

4.High absorptivity and high zinc content.

5.Advanced technology and popular design.

6.Sugar-free type especially for people with diabetes.

7.Tasty,fashionable,easy-taking  ,best quality with lowest price.


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