Надежный клапан запорной сигнализации для сухих труб FM

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Product Description

Reliable Dry Pipe Valve Dry Alarm check valve FM 


The Model DPV-1 Dry Pipe Valves are differential valves used to automatically control the flow of water into dry pipe fire protection sprinkler systems upon opearation of one or more automatic sprinklers. The DPV-1 also provides for actuation of fire alarms upon system operation. The Model DPV-1 features are as follows:

• External reset.

• 250 psi (17,2 bar) pressure rating.

• Unique offset single clapper design enabling a simple compact valve to minimize installation labor. 

• Ductile iron construction to ensure a lightweight valve to minimize shipping cost.

• A variety of inlet and outlet connections.

• Compact, Pre-Trimmed, and Semi-Assembled, easy to operate valve trim.

• Simple reset procedure through the elimination of priming water.


Dry pipe sprinkler systems are used in unheated warehouses, parking garages, store windows, atticspaces, loading docks, and other areas exposed to freezing temperatures, where water filled pipe cannot be utilized. When set for service, the dry pipe sprinkler system is pressurized with air (or nitrogen). The loss of pressure through an operated automatic sprinkler in response to heat from a fire permits the DPV-1 Dry Pipe Valve to open and allow a flow of water into the sprinkler system piping.







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