PD165Y-5 BOSTON мини бульдозер рыхлитель с звездочкой для горячей продажи

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Product Description

Mini bulldozer ripper with sprocket for hot sale

Bulldozers are widely used in earthwork, such as construction, road building, mining, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry and national defense construction. Bulldozer, the blade into soil, rely on host momentum to complete soil cutting and push operation.

The bulldozer can carry out the following operations:
Shovel soil and transport soil - push and shovel foundation pit, cut and build embankment.
Filling - backfilling foundation pit, landfill;
Flat - flat construction site and farmland;
Loosening soil -- single tooth loosening device is used for cracked hard rock, such as granite and hard broken road, etc. the three tooth loosening device ruptures hard rock, clay, oil shale and other soft rocks, and the winch can be used to drag logs, pipe laying and traction operations.
Other uses - a booster for a self - scraper to remove tree stump and snow.

Main Features

1.The appearance of the vehicle is base on optimization design.
2.High engine power reserve, strong torque output, low fuel consumption, reliable controls.
3.Hydraulically powered, automatic speed change, shift the gears without stop the vehicle.
4.3 elements, single stage and single phase torque convertor features high efficiency and capacity.
5.The updated hexahedral cab feature outstanding visiblity and good tightness.
6.Using the triangle spline and the gear of crowned teeth and tip relief in the final drive to average the loads on the trans-mission components for more stability, prolong the lifetime.
7.New blade is more durable and capacious.
8.Alarming & monitoring system is reliable.
9.Reliable manual - operated spool valve and external mounted valve for easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Weicha WP10G178E355
Blowing type, water tank, medium cooler, 2 hydraulic oil radiator
Torque converter
Three elements component, single stage, single phase
Transmission case
Planetary gear structure, five clutch, hydraulic combination, forced lubrication
Driver's cab
New hexagonal
Instrument box
Integral injection molding
Instrument display
Murphy liquid-crystal display + 2 single instruments
Air suspension, PVC fabric, adjustable armrest
Caterpillar assembly
Single crawler, main pin, 510/1000mm triangular tread shoe
Working device
Straight shovel / straight shovel

Weight (Standard)(kg)
 Overall dimension (Standard)(mm)
Engine Power(kW)
Engine rotate speed(r/min)
Driving speed(km/h)


Blade capacity(m3 standard)
Working efficiency(m3/h)(40mdistance)
Maximum drawing force(kN)
≥0.8G(Total weight of work)
≥0.8G(Total weight of work)
Minimal Turning Radius(mm)
Ground pressure(kPa)
Climbing ability(°)
Ground clearance(mm)
Climbing ability(°)
Ground clearance(mm)

Blade Type

Straight tilt blade

Width x Height (mm): 3416x1150

Max.lift above ground (mm): 1090

Max.drop below ground(mm): 530

Pitch adjustment (mm):  55

Max.Tilt (mm): 400

Blade capacity(m³):  4.5

Angle blade

Width x Height (mm):  4019x1050
Max.lift above ground (mm):  1110
Max.drop below ground(mm): 530
Pitch adjustment (mm): 55
Max.Tilt (mm): /
Blade capacity(m³):  4.5

U blade

Width x Height (mm): 3400x1150
Max.lift above ground (mm): 1090
Max.drop below ground(mm): 530
Pitch adjustment (mm): 55
Max.Tilt (mm): 400
Blade capacity(m³): 5.6

Detailed Images

Excellent Reliability&Strong Power

1.Excellent Reliability
The idea of high dependability and long lifetime for the machine as well as the key components goes through the machines and the parts development. The key contacting surface pairs are reliable and wearable.
2.Strong Power
The engine displacement 1.5 liter is much more than the competitors. Engine torque reserve coefficient up to 1.5 ensures powerful driving and quick responsiveness to make operation comfort.

High Efficiency&Easy Maintenance&Cola start

3.High Efficiency
The productivity is 23% higher than that of the other similar vehicles while the fuel consumption is at least 10% lower
4.Easy Maintenance and Service
5.Cola start, Excellent Performance
6.The model of the Cummis engine can be chosen at the request of the customer.

Gear Box

The gear box is of the planetary gears type, by operating hydraulic control value of traveling forward and backward. It features planetary gears, multi-disc clutch, hydraulically applied forced lubrication,3 speeds forward and 3 speeds backwards.

Torque Converter

The torque converters are of the single stage, single phrase, 3 elements hdraulic type with reasonable structure and excellent reliability, which provide optimum matching with the machines. The outstanding transmissions comparing to the normal ones means the automatic adjustment to the field condition, gradually speed change, improved machine lifetime and travelling ability, easy maintenance, improved working comfort and torque limit set protection function.

The Final Driving

For tip relieve and crowned gears which features large loading capacity, stable transmission and long lifetime.

Services & Training

Services and guarantee system

It has offices all over the country, and adopts network services, it also sends permanent after-sales-service technician to the offices so as to provide prompt and timely after-sales-service for each customer and provide technical support to the customer in addition.
The services staff will arrive at the site for bulldozer delivery. With warranty time, we provide 4 times after-sales-service free for labour cost.


We will provide professional train courses and services for the products’ performance, basic operation and maintenance according to the end-user requirements.

Our Factory

Shanghai Vostosun Industrial Co., Ltd has over 10 years experience of overseas centralized procurement and supply and customer service in construction, roads, mines and other engineering equipment, making consortiuming with the domestic high-quality business strategic investment cooperative partner, already established mature international marketing and after-sale service network system for worldwide various regions, having brance in Russia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates and other places, having various euipment show and accessories warehouse in various places , our services across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and others which are more than 30 countries and regions.

A professional consulting team proficient in Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese etc.; Committing to providing a variety of industrial and engineering equipment for the supply chain system for engineering projects all over the world; Professional consulting service system of equipment optimizing configuration; Suppliers /manufacturers networking resources with reasonable price and reliable quality; Fast, in-time delivery, transportation, custom clearance etc logistic management system; On-site installation, training, technical support and spare parts supply management; Flexible and various international settlement system and international financing channels.

We pursue “integrity, expertise, efficiency, service, gratitude and achieve” as our core philosophy and committed to be a leading one-stop equipment procurement and overall solution service expertise in building, road, mining industrial. 

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