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Portable Cable Tag Writable Cable Lables



Dimensions: 6,3 x 1,3 x 0,2 cm (2.5" x 0,5" x 0,1")

Colors: White, Red, Lime, Turquoise, Fuchsia



1. Identify your cables

2. It helps you identify all cables which are in use.

3. It applies without any sticky adhesive and is very easy to use.

4. It is designed to write on with any ballpoint pen. Ink can be erased for re-use.

5. One packaging offers 10 pcs: 2 x 5 colors.

This way you can also identify each cable by putting same color on both beginning and end (and there's no need to write on them).


How to use: 

1. Write the name of the device on the Cable Tag.

2. Attach the Cable Tag to the cord of that specific device.

3. Plug the cord into your wall socket, power strip, charging hub, etc.


Product pictures:

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