Медный отвердитель вспышки из нержавеющей стали с фланцевой пластиной

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Stainless Steel Copper ESE Lightning Arrester with Flange Plate

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Introduction of ESE Lightning Arrester

   DK8-BX10 ESE Lightning Arrester is composed of the following sections:

 1) Main receiving lightning point: It is made up of copper alloy. It connects from down-conductor to receiving lightning point forming a uninterrupted path to convey the lightning current to the ground. It is fixed in a lightning rod(tower)pole more than 2 meters high.
  2) Discharge strike spark board; generate spark.
  3) Active discharge point: collect the electric energy.
  4) Waterproof stainless steel box: store the electrostatic field energy.
  5) Side point of receiving lightning: it is made up of stainless steel. It can convey surrounding lightning current to the ground directly.
  6) Stainless steel sleeve, install fasteners, down lead connection point.


Technical Parameter of ESE Lightning Arrester

ItemDK8-BX10 ESE Lightning Arrester
Discharge Capacity200kA (10/350μs)
Amplitude Damping Radio≥70%
Gradient Damping Multiplying Radio≥48
Currents Limiting Impedance Value≤3Ω
Earthing Resistance≤10Ω
Wind Load≤36m/s
Down ConductorSteel plate or steel rod which diameter is more than 8mm


Character of ESE Lightning Arrester

 1) Accurate thunderbolt point.
 2) Maintenance-free, no need connect additional power.
 3) Activate itself only when the thunderbolt forming, completely early discharge initially.


Installation Guide of the ESE Lightning Arrester

  1) Please notify us the technical parameters of your lightning rod mast when ordering, so that the factory can select the right interconnection splice for you to install components successfully.
  2) The thickness of lightning rod’s sleeve shall not less than 4mm, which can be used as a down-conductor. There shall be two points symmetric connecting the earth electrode.
  3)When the structure’s lightning protection system has more than 1 down-conductor, breaking of contact with insulation protection for each down-conductor is recommended. And the breaking of contact shall be set at 1.5~1.8m h igh f rom g round o f t he c onductor.
  4) The joint between lightning rod and down-conductor shall be welded.
  5) The construction order for the earth-termination system of lightning rod shall be from top to bottom. The common grounding system shall be installed first, and then come to the down-conductor, and the lightning rod is the last step.


Application Scope

  Suitable for direct lightning protection of mobile communication base station, satellite station, warehouse, meteorological observatory, petrol station, airport station, military radar station, etc.

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