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Product Application

The neutral point earthing resistor is mainly used for power transmission and distribution systems which is composed of cable lines and has big capacitive current when single-phase earthing fault occurs, and for the power plant’s power system which has small capacitive current but resonant overvoltage needs to be prevented. The former one normally adopts low resistance earthing and the latter one adopts high resistance earthing. Currently, the neutral point earthing resistor has been widely used in urban power distribution network, large industrial park, power plant, offshore platform power distribution system, and large chemical enterprises.

Product Features

1. Unique steel gate structure design for better heat dissipation
•\t2. Big resistive film heat capacity: through a unique processing technology, monolithic resistors rated power can up to 1200 watts;3. Resistance deviation is small: the manufacturing resistance of the resistance film can be less than ± 5%;
4. Resistance film resistance adjustable range: single-chip range 0.005 ~ 11.7 Ω;
5. Resistance film insulation performance: The voltage insulation of resistance bank and its support can up to 8.3kv;
6. The change of resistance is small in hot state: the resistance sheet adopts imported stainless steel with low temperature coefficient, the change rate of the resistance can not be higher than 20% in hot state.

7. Strong anti-vibration: stainless steel bolts are used between resistances to get strong anti-vibration ability;
8. Corrosion resistance: resistance film is made of high temperature alloy material, with a strong corrosion resistance;
9. Performance cost ratio: compact structure and adjustable resistance sheet number, high performance cost ratio

Product Parameters
Fault current 
1 ~ 5000a
System voltage
 0.38kv ~ 110kv (3,6,10,35)
Fever time
 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s, sustained
Resistance (20 ℃)
0.01 ~ 1500Ω
Temperature rise
short temperature rise (10 ~ 30s) maximum no more than 760 ℃

continuous temperature rise 2h maximum no more than 385 ℃

Case protection class
IP20 ~ IP56
Optional accessaries
Optional accessaries
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