Новое поступление, автомобильный стерео FM-радиоприемник 12 В, mp3-аудио плеер 1 Din, многоцветная поддержка, радио плеер, телефон с USB/SD MMC/AUX

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Product Description

Multifunction Bluetooth Vehicle MP3 Player

Product specification:
Built-in Bluetooth + Microphone
Support hands-free calls.
Support advanced audio transmission mode.
Support the clock indicating while power is off.
High-quality digital stereo FM radio
Support three-band radio store FM1-FM2-FM3, and can preset 18 radio stations. (Radio frequency: 87.5-108MHz)
Support USB reader
Support audio: MP3/WMA/WAV formats and so on.
Support folder play function
Support remote control.
Rotary electronic volume control
MP3 play supports pause /preview/repeat/random play and 10 tracks up/down selections.
Electronic type bass/treble/left and right balance/front and back balance volume control
Front AUX audio input hole and rear terminal L / R audio RCA output hole.
4 track high-power output (4 high-power loudspeakers)
Work Voltage: DC12V


FM Radio .
Frequency ........87.5-108.0 MHz ..
Practical Sensitivity ..... .S15Db
Stereo Resolution . ..... >25Db
SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio). . . . . . . . . . . >60DB

Support Music Format. . . . . . . . MP3/WMA
The Display Supports . . . . . . . . ld3 Display
Distortion. . . . . 0. 3%
SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio). . . . . . . . >60DB



Introduction to the function of panel buttons:
1, Power: Open/close the machine.
2, Band: Radio switch in FM1, FM2, FM3.
3, Radio Select song, Fast Forward function.
4, Sel: Sound adjustment. In the operation, press the knob can be adjusted in turn bass,
treble, left and right channel balance, heavy bass, eq sound effects.
5, Vol: Volume size adjustment.
6, Number keys, in radio mode, long press the number key to store the radio channel.
In playback mode: 1 is paused, 2 is 10 seconds preview, 3 is repeat playback, 4 is randomly
played. 5 and 6 are folder selections.
7, LCD display window.
8,USB card slots.
9, USB Jack.
10, IR: Remote receive Window.
11, CLK: Click to display the time; Long press CLK key, when the hour part flashes, rotating
knob can adjust the clock, click the knob, the minute part flashes, rotate knob can adjust
minutes, press CLK confirm save.
12, Mode Test switch.
13, Aux: Can connect the mobile phone, MP3, MP4, MP5, and other audio through the machine
input to the car horn to play.


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